Beastie Week: Mint Julep

Yo, we be making mountains out of Cool Whip, Pass me the mint for the julep!

The Beastie Boys are streaming the whole new album, high quality and uncensored, on their website right now, and it doesn’t even come out till next week! Make sure to check it out while it’s still free. (Then of course, buy it next week). I am busy analyzing the lyrics for food references so I can update my old post next week.

So what about these juleps? I was a big fan, but I generally like any whiskey drink. Some of my friends who I drank them with, weren’t as impressed. Some said too sweet which surprised me for 2 reasons. First, because I don’t like overly sweet drinks, and didn’t think this was too sweet. Secondly because they like whiskey with coke, which I think is crazy sweet! Others said it was too whiskey-y, which to me, isn’t a problem!

Making the mint syrup.

Yummy! Boozy! We drank these while watching the Boston Marathon. My sister suggested we start betting on the runners, since this is a common drink at the Kentucky Derby.

You can check out the track this lyric comes from right here!

Simple syrup was a cup each of water and sugar, bring to a simmer, add most of a bunch of mint(save some for garnish), simmer for a few minutes, then kill the heat and allow to steep for about a half hour. Strain.

Juleps were about ⅓ each of syrup, water, and burbon over lots of ice. Top with mint leaves.


  1. This would definitely be too sweet and too minty. The proper way to make a mint julep is this:
    1 glass crushed ice
    1 tsp superfine sugar (no more!)
    1 mint leaf
    Jim Beam bourbon
    Put the mint and sugar in the bottom of the glass and muddle it with a spoon. Fill glass with crushed ice. Add 1 jigger of Jim Beam and fill to the top with still or sparkling water. Stir and drink. That’s a Kentucky mint julep.

  2. I have tasted julep on a nearby store while we’re on our way to buy micro niche finder. I also think that it’s too sweet and too minty as well. I might as well try Teri’s suggestion. I hope it helps and suits our taste buds.

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