Banh Mi Burger

Around this time of year, I start to get sick of winter food. Friday I decided that I am officially changing to spring a few weeks early, and I was seriously craving a burger. I always have a wave of discouragement when I Google a new food idea I have and the first result is a Rachael Ray recipe! But really, I am man enough to admit that Rach and I have a pretty similar culinary point of view. We both have a habit of finding two iconic dishes from different cuisines and fusing them into one. Rachael’s version is actually pretty awesome, but I went closer to Boston Chef Joanne Chang’s version.

Boiling vinegar with garlic and pepper flakes to pickle the carrots.

This only needs about an hour.

Head Cheese! It is essential to banh mi, and was lacking in BOTH Rachael and Joannes recipes! Don’t be scared, its soo good!

Toppings all ready to go.

I loved this burger. Loved.

It single handedly got me out of my end of winter food creativity slump!

Bring rice wine vinegar to a boil with some salt, garlic, and pepper flakes. Pour over 4 shredded carrots and let sit for an hour. Burgers are just beef patties. Mix equal parts mayo and sriracha with a squeeze of lime. Put the mayo on a baguette, top with head cheese, add the patty and top with cilantro, cucumbers and the pickled carrots.


  1. I actually love a lot of Rachael Ray’s recipes. I hate it, but they are always pretty on point, I guess except for the absence of head cheese.

  2. I generally find that a couple of slices of fresh jalapeño – along with some sriracha – are now necessities for me to enjoy any banh mi. This burger looks great though! I’ve never heard of using head cheese, mainly just paté, although I’m sure they serve the same fatty/meaty/tasty purpose.

  3. Bianca – I got the head cheese at Russos in Watertown. It happened to be on my way home from work that day and I read that they had it online.

  4. Emily –
    “head cheese” Isn’t actually cheese at all. It is the name for a pigs head terrene that is then sliced thin like lunch meat! Despite looking pretty offensive, it is actually melt in your mouth tender and tastes like a delicious ham

  5. Nothing like a good banh mi! Although I love Sriracha (or fondly referred to as Cock Sauce by my husband and his friends), with banh mi, I normally prefer spreading sambal oelek. Have you tried it? That with soy sauce and some pate is the epitome of what makes banh mi great!

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