Banger and Mashballs

My friend Mark is moving from Manhattan to London in the near future, so a bunch of his friends down in NYC decided to throw him a surprise going away party. I went down for the weekend on the cheap bus to see him off and to cook a UK themed appetizer to help him assimilate to his new setting. Mark wasn’t surprised at all, but everyone still had a great time.

Everything in New York is sooooo New York, even the milk. ENHANCE! Why does this have a different expiration date when you are in NYC?  Does anyone know this answer?

Rolling out the mash potato balls. I used instant mash.

Frozen mash potato balls.

Cumberland is what they use in the UK, but you can use whatever sausage you want.

Wrapping the potato with sausage.

Flashback to my days of prepping on the coffee table, That was a long time ago!

We went to the party supply store (in search of British flags on toothpicks), and one of the guys saw this balloon drop, so yea, a balloon drop happened.

We couldn’t find the flags on toothpicks, but I was dead set on the idea, so I made them (with Eric’s help).

I made a quick gravy to dip the balls. Onions sauteed in butter till brown, add flour to make a roux, add beef stock.

I wanted to grill these, for one cause I’ve never grilled meatballs, but secondly because I didn’t want it to get hot in the house.  That’s right, he has a backyard in Manhattan.  No big deal.

Some started to explode cause of the intense heat. I often have explosion issues when I stuff things. Mark was late and I didn’t want to cook till after the suprise, but if the potato had still been frozen on the inside it probably wouldn’t have leaked out. So blame it on Mark.

Otherwise, delicious!

People enjoying them. Mark is on the bottom right. Jeff, the guy on the top right, told me he was broken for 3 days after eating these. Thats cause he ate almost 20!!! Serving size is like 2 buddy.

Mark serenaded us with 90’s classics toward the end of the party. Good Luck in London!!!

I made instant mashed potatoes with some cheese in there too, and rolled them into small balls to freeze. When frozen, wrap in a mix of sausages of your choice. bake, broil, pan fry, or grill, serve with a gravy dipping sauce. Mine was onions sauted in butter until brown, add flour to make a roux, add beef stock and whisk. Bring to a boil and thats your gravy.


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