Cherry Time!

Fans of the site may know there is nothing I like more than eating from nature. I once ate a leaf off the street thinking it was a curry tree! A friend of mine has a cherry tree in her back yard. I didn’t even know until I was there at a memorial day bbq the other day and I noticed all the red things on the tree. They told me the birds would eat them all within a day or two, so I came back the next day with a few boxes. I filled up both of my boxes overflowing and it didn’t even seem like I made a dent on the tree! No recipe today, just some pictures of me having fun picking cherries. It’s gonna be cherry week all next week here, so get ready to be blasted with cherry recipes every day! Whats your favorite cherry recipe?

The tree.

So many cherries.

This looks like some sort of cherry dreamland.

So what? I climbed the tree. No big deal.

I only almost fell once.

But it was worth it!

Jack is hungry.

So is Sadie

It’s really hard to look this cool while picking cherries, but somehow I pulled it off.

Future wallpaper?

Bye Jack!

I’m already done most of my cherry recipes. These things go bad real quick! Could be because I didn’t want to put them in the fridge and its crazy hot out. Anyway, I had a lot of fun cooking with these! One of the challenges was making them sweeter because they are of the sour variety. Despite the sourness, I still like them strait up. Thanks to Lisa and Bill for letting me act like a monkey in your cherry tree! (I rewrote that sentence 5 times to make it sound less dirty, but it didn’t work) Thanks to Sadie and Jack for saving some cherries for me! Cherry week next week.