I’m killing it with all this hilarious quesadilla wordplay. My friend Steph is a quesadilla fan, but she didn’t seem to know it. We were all out at lunch, and John said to the waitress “she will have a quesadilla” pointing at Steph. Steph replied “what are you talking about?” “You love quesadillas!” John and I both yelled back. Then John started listing off places we eat together. “Taco Bell, boom! Quesadilla. Bueno y Sano, boom! Quesadilla” Then I realized I have only made one quesadilla in the whole history of this website. We got together to make a couple last week. The other one we made, I posted earlier. This one, I got the ques-idea (I’m here all night folks) from the recent popular trend of Asian tacos. The other people I was with liked the cobbadilla better, but my favorite was the koreadilla.

I used a Bobby Flay Recipe for the cabbage. He doesn’t salt the cabbage ahead of time though.

I like the salting cabbage step, so I did it. This sat for 4 hours salting and releasing liquid. Rinse the cabbage after.

Then put it into this awesomeness and let it sit 4 more hours.

The pork marinade was from Flay too. I felt like his less authentic Korean recipes would be perfect for this fusion dish. That isn’t a burn on Bobby Flay, the recipes are great!

Yum. The slaw came out awesome.

I wanted a very mild cheese because sometimes cheese HARD CLASHES with Asian flavors. Not today! US Wellness Meats was kind enough to send me over this awesome raw milk farmers cheese. It was perfect for this dish.

More on the homemade tortillas in last weeks post.

Nice flavor and crunch from the slaw! The pork was awesome too.

I used the pork marinade from this Bobby flay recipe. Instead of a whole pork shoulder, I used little chunks of shoulder and baked it at 325 for a half hour.

The slaw is the “quick kimchi” from that recipe as well. I write that in quotations, cause it is totally not kimchi at all. What it is however, is delicious.

The homemade tortillas are from this post from last week.