Guiness Bread / Black and Tan

Normally, I would post today’s food with tomorrow’s food, but since I have been posting less lately, I have decided to try and split things up more. This will give you guys more posts that are shorter. Is this a good plan? Tell me what you want from TFIMB. I probably won’t listen to you, but then think of the same idea in a few weeks and think that I totally came up with it myself. But on to the topic at hand. I have had beer bread many times(hi Jeanann!), but have never made it. I didn’t realize the ingredients were beer plus flour! What’s the deal with all these beer bread mixes? I might start packaging self rising flour as beer bread mix and cash in!

First we made a few black and tan’s since we had all this Guinness around.

Use a spoon to float the Guinness on top of the Bass

Yum. Those are the green tomatoes from Monday in the background.

Flour, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Steph was the one who decided to make the beer bread, and it went well with the main dish we were making that night.

Guinness in.

Lumpy. Don’t over mix.

Melted butter on top.

Heavy and dense, but light at the same time. Good for breakfast or dinner. Fun crumb size. Check back tomorrow to see what we did with this bread.

The beer bread recipe is 3 cups self rising flour, 1/4 cup sugar, pinch salt, 1 beer. Mix dry, add wet, loaf pan, melted butter on top, 350 for 50 min.

The black and tan is Bass on the bottom, Guinness on top.