Tomato Pie and Artichoke Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Now that apple week is done, I give you a pie of a different kind. This is an appetizer my mom has always made in the past for parties. Steph was having people over so I decided to make one for that occasion. I also made a dip of artichoke and roasted red pepper.

Salted artichoke pieces in the steamer.

Go here to learn how to roast a red pepper.

Artichokes and peppers in the food processor with some raw garlic.

Sour cream and cream cheese finish off the dip and make it creamy and delicious. You could use yogurt here instead to keep it healthy and give it an interesting tang.

The dip was a big hit.

Just some toasted up pita to dip in it.

Now for my moms recipe for tomato pie. You all know it isnt really my style to be using premade packaged things like this, but it is my mom’s recipe so I decided to stay true to it. Because of this, it is a really easy and nice app you can make for people. You need to bake just the crust for about 10 minutes before adding the toppings.

Basil, garlic, and olive oil.

Some super fresh tomatoes from the garden and provolone cheese.

My mom normally makes this with only one can of crust and makes it in a pie pan. I needed to use the sheet pan to make enough for more people. The pie pan is prettier and makes more sense (since it’s called tomato pie after all.


The dip is 2 artichokes peeled, chokes removed, and steamed for 20 minutes with salt, in the food processor with 2 roasted red peppers and 2 cloves of raw garlic. salt the mixture and add a few nice spoonsfuls of sour cream and/or cream cheese. Use yogurt if you want a healthier dip. Add a nice squeeze of lemon to finish it off.

The pie is just packaged crescent roll dough baked off, then topped with tomatoes, provolone, and basil/olive oil/garlic that has been on a saucepan on low for 5 minutes. bake again until cheese is melted and tomatoes are soft and juicy.