Epic Timpano

The theme of this week is do-overs, but you know Raaaaaaaandy doesn’t steal jokes, he UPGRADES them! When I first made the timpano, I knew I would one day attack it again with a new level of intensity, and today I am proud to say that I did not hold back. The reason I made this is because when I first told Nick I would be staying with him for a week, I asked if he had seen anything on the site he wanted me to make for him. Without hesitation, he immediately said “how about that pie thing that was filled with pasta?” I knew if I was going to make it again, it would have to be epic.

Big pot of sauce. The recipe is here, but I did not use meat.

The meatball recipe can be found elsewhere as well. Everything I made today I made in other places, this is just the collaboration.

Hot Italian sausage from an all organic and local butcher shop in Brooklyn.

This is a quick cream sauce I threw together. Starting with some bacon and olive oil. When the bacon crisped up, I added a few tbsp of flour, followed by a cup of cream and a slice of provolone. Thats it!

Yum. I had to force myself to put this in the fridge before I ate it all.

MMMMozzarella sticks. This recipe is here. I also made some chicken parm.

I sort of bent the pan up so it would be rounder.

You need to roll out the puff pastry.

This is actually two sheets next to each other.

Here is where things start to get wild.

The chicken went on top so that it would stay fairly crispy.

Some slits on top to let out the steam.

Amazing. this baked at 375 for about an hour and 10 minutes.

Now I have to flip this thing!

Amazingness peeking out of the shell.

Now THAT’S a cross-section.

Pure bliss.

This huge slice was his SECOND piece!

The definition of comfort.

There was supposed to be more people, but in the end there were only 4 of us. We really put a dent in this thing!

We really pulled it together for this picture. Moments later we all went into a diabetic coma.

The recipes are all over the place.

Sauce – omit the meat
Chicken Parm
Mozzarella Sticks