BBQ Shortrib Shepherds Pie

3 Pies in a row? This is an over the top version of shepherds pie I made this past weekend. The idea was to combine the flavors of an end of summer backyard BBQ, pulled pork sandwiches, and shepherds pie. It was a complete success and I suggest anyone to try this update on an old recipe. My only complaint was that I didn’t get to keep the leftovers!

A nice sear.

Building the sauce. some beef stock, beer, chili powder, bay leaf, and bbq sauce. I used the leftovers from this homemade one I made last week.

This is the bbq sauce, I heated it up before adding it.

While the beef cooked, I prepped the other layers.

Corn, jalapenos, cabbage, and tomatoes are the middle layer. The idea of cabbage came from a pulled pork sandwich since we were shredding the beef. I wanted some textural contrasts and not a big mushy pile.

After a few hours, I shredded the beef.

I think I need a bigger pan.

Bacon and scallions for the potato layer. Best meal ever.

A sprinkle of cheddar to finish it off.



I wish I took the leftovers home! Steph got to eat them all.

Meat layer
About 15 short ribs seared. Then add to the same pot- a bottle of bbq sauce (homemade preferably- try this or this) a beer, and a carton of beef stock. Toss in a bay leaf and some chili powder.  Return the ribs to the pot with any accumulated juice. Cover and simmer or put in the oven at 325 for 2 and a half hours. when it is done, shred and put in the bottom of the shepherds pie pan with enough of the cooking liquid to make it juicy.

Corn Layer
6 ears of fresh corn, 1/3 head of cabbage shredded, 6 jalapenos, 2 tomatoes. salt

Potato Layer
Mash potatoes with butter, garlic, and cream. Add cooked bacon and scallions