Wii Snacks

Last week, Steph decided to have a few people over for to play a new Wii game that just came out. Have you guys played Wii Sports Resort? It is a lot of fun! My job was to make some finger foods we could snack on that would not affect our playing. I made two little apps. I was supposed to make 3, but my friend who requested the third one stood us up!

We started with some summer rolls. I used the food processor to shred all the veggies.

These things are super wet. Salt them and let them strain for a good half hour.

Mango also went into the rolls.

Whenever I use mango, I leave more on the pit than I should because once I start feeling resistance on the knife, I start to assume that I am cutting through the pit! I solve this problem by eating the rest right off the pit.

Rice paper is an interesting product. I have only used it once before to fry bananas. It is pretty fun to work with!

After dipping it in hot water for about 5 seconds, it becomes this rubbery mess.

These things are healthy and delicious. It’s like eating a hand held salad!

I know it is unlike me, but I just used store bought dipping sauces that night. I had a long afternoon! This was some sort of sweet and sour thing I found in the Asian aisle.

People are getting wild on the wii.

TFIMB! Now with 70% more face stuffing photos!

John and I get serious.

The other app I made was Thai green curry turkey dumplings. You guys know my green curry recipe right? If not, its here in my stubble section.

More of that store bought stuff. Yikes! This was a satay mix.

I did half of them like pot stickers, and half steamed. This allowed me to make more at once, and also gave people a variety.

Nice crust on the potstickers.

I told you. 70% more face stuffing.

The summer rolls were just carrots, cuke, and green peppers shredded,and green onions and mango sliced. Salt this and let it strain for a half hour. Add cilantro. Soak rice paper in hot water for 5 seconds. Remove and place on counter. Put filling in the center and add a piece of shrimp to each side. Roll up and serve with a tangy sauce.

For the dumplings, just mix green curry paste with raw ground turkey. Fill some dumpling wrappers and steam 11 min or cook like a pot sticker. For more pot sticker type instructions, you can read this post. These were good with the pea nutty satay sauce.