Heat Wave Ceviche and Lobster Maki

Gah. It’s so hot out you guys! So hot. I have been treking around Boston sweating my face off. My actual face. Everywhere I go, people want to cook with me, but the very thought of turning on the stove makes people shudder. The air conditioning isnt even making a dent in this heat, cooking is not going to help matters. Visiting my sister in Salem recently, I realized that there were a lot of fish markets around. I came up with a variation on ceviche that I thought would be a neat no cook idea for some really fresh fish. We complemented the ceviche with lobster maki rolls. Buying cooked lobster from the fish market allowed us to skip another cooking task.

Matt Squeezed some lime for the ceviche juice. I also threw some pineapple juice in there.

Ceviche I have made before with Sebastian had garlic and habeneros. This one is Jalapenos, garlic, and ginger.

Pineapple and cucumber in with the fish. At the market, we asked if any mild white fish had been caught that day. The owner was more than proud to show us some beautiful Halibut. 13 bucks a pound seemed like a super value compared to the 27.50 I was paying in Bermuda!!!

The chile, ginger, and garlic being mixed with the lime juice and poured onto the fish.

Covered with onions and placed in the fridge to “cook.”

Next I made some quick sushi rice. Here I am cooling it in front of the air conditioner.

Putting some sesame seeds on the rice for an inside out roll.

I mixed yogurt with siracha instead of mayo in an attempt to be healthy.

I actually have been craving this roll ever since I saw it on Lyon in the Kitchen a week ago. Have you guys seen that show on Fit TV?


The fish is done and all mixed together.

A night of ceviche is not complete without a shot of leche de tigre!  Just mix some of the ceviche juice with vodka.  Allie and Matt bought that shot glass when they were visiting Bermuda a month ago.  Notice it says “Who the let frogs out?”

Is this what they mean by dog days of summer?

The sushi recipe is here, and here are some better sushi rice and rolling pictures.

The ceviche was:

1 lb Halibut, or the freshest mild white fish you can get, cut into chunks
4 rings of pineapple chunked
1 small english cucumber chunked
1 red onion sliced.
9 limes juiced
3 garlic cloves grated or diced
Thumb sized peice of ginger grated or diced.
Handfull of cilantro chopped

Mix everything except the onions. Spread the onions out on top of the mix and press them down. Let sit in the fridge an hour. Mix in the onions and allow to sit again for 15 minutes. Serve.