Grilled Lobsters, Grilled Mash Potatoes

Wow! Thanks to everyone for all of your support and comments on my last post!  It has really been making me feel good all week. I have been having a great time relaxing and hanging out with some old friends at my parents house this week. On Saturday morning, my friend John woke up saying that he was craving lobster, to which I replied “If you’re buying, I will cook them.” Lobster was never really a favorite of mine, but I have been wanting to cook them for awhile. Some friends and I even went lobster diving in Bermuda a few times with no luck! Honestly, this was the best lobster I have had in my life and I think everyone agreed!

Making the clarified butter to dip the lobster in. I am actually very used to doing this because I make it every time I cook Indian food. The method is in my basics section under ghee.

For some reason that same morning I came up with the idea of grilled mashed potatoes, so John and I ran with it. These potatoes have been boiled for 15 minutes or so. They were just about mashable at this point. I poured some melted butter, diced garlic, and olive oil over the potatoes and mixed them up a bit trying not to break them.

The idea here was to get some char and grill flavor in the mashed potatoes.

My mom had some chives in the garden, so I asked John to go cut me some.

The grilled potatoes back in the pan and mash it up.

This dish was a borderline success. It tasted great, but the char flavor was only present in occasional bites. John discribed it as “eating mash potatoes and tasteing hash brown once in awhile.” The food came out great but I am not sure it was worth the extra effort involved in grilling the cooked potatoes.

The corn tasted great raw, but since we were grilling EVERYTHING today, we decided to throw it on the grill for a few minutes.

We started the lobster in a large pot that had a little water at the bottom. This half boiled and half steamed them. Normally, people cook these about 8 minutes, but we did only 5 to finish them on the grill.

John was kinda scared of the lobsters.

Deep debate on the plan for finishing the meal during the 5 minute lobster steam.

Oh yea, we had some steaks too.

John and I are sorting out the lobster parts.

A little salt before you put them on the grill.

Finally eating!

Look at all that butter dripping off John’s piece!

The Aftermath

For the lobsters, all we really did was steam them for 5 minutes, cut in half, and grill for 5 minutes. we didn’t even cut the claws open for the grill, just cracked them a bit. We all agreed that is was the best lobster we had ever eaten.

The potatoes were just boiled in salted water until you could stick a fork in them. Carefully strain them and pour melted butter, diced garlic, and olive oil over them. Gently mix so they don’t break up. Grill them until browned. Mash with chives and some milk, salt and pepper.

So great to be back!