Broccoli Rabe and Fava Bean Pasta

Back in the US, I am still learning about the best places to buy ingredients. My friend steph and I were planning on hitting up the farmers market last Tuesday and making a random meal based on what veggies looked good. We checked out the whole market and nothing really looked that great to either of us! This was possibly cause it went on all day but we didnt go till the last hour. Now we were faced with the problem of finding the ingredients somewhere else and still figureing out what to make. We went to the grocery store and they had these amazing fresh fava beans, some really great looking broccoli rabe, and super pungent small batch feta! I guess you never know where inspiration will strike!

Start out with a little butter and olive oil in the pan. Add a few diced cloves of garlic.

Next goes the broccoli rabe.

Let me talk about the fava beans for a minute. Most people would peel these things TWICE. We just peeled them once. The inner inner beans are very creamy and tasty in their own way, but the beans we got were so fresh that I did not feel the need to peel them twice. The larger peel was tasty and gave a super boost of fiber to the dish. I let these cook another 3 minutes or so.


Add the pasta right to the pan as always.

The pan was super full so I moved it to the mixing bowl before adding the feta.

So tasty! This was a great meal after the workout that we did that day.

There wasnt really a recipe for this, but I can give you an order of operations:
Water to boil
Butter and oil in frying pan
Drop Pasta
Add garlic to the pan
1 minute
Broccoli Rabe
1 minute
Fava Beans
shelled twice – 1 minute, shelled only once (like I did) – 3 minutes
handful of basil – 1 minute
Cream, 2 minutes
Pasta should be about ready, remove pasta from the water directly to pan
mix, remove from heat, add feta, mix more, plate, top with basil.