Arepa Revenge

You may remember the Arepa failure I had a few months back. I have been wanting to have another go at them ever since that night. I am in New York this weekend and I had the opportunity to go to a great Arepa place and learn about my missteps firsthand. Besides the main error of not having the right flour, I also realized that I was making these things way too thick! Nick, who I am staying with in NYC, invited a few people over and I made some arepas for everyone.

Here is Trina tasting her arepa at the restaurant. It isn’t a bad life you know being unemployed, wandering around the city with two pretty girls taking me out to lunch.

This arepa was really good. Shredded pork shoulder with a tomato and some spicy mango sauce.

That hot sauce was fantastic but I couldn’t figure out what was in it!

Now on to MY arepas. Three different cuts of onions for three different preparations. I am going to explain them all here because I didnt take many pictures. I have made things like this all before, so you can get some links at the bottom of the page. The chunky onions went in some simmering dried black beans with 6 strips of bacon and some jalapenos. The sliced got carmalized for the shredded pork with chipotle and the diced went into some shredded chuck with lots of cumin.

Beans in the back, pork on the left, beef on the right.

Nick crumbling up some queso blanco.

Not showing much of these, but the actual arepa is the important part of the post here.

This is the stuff right here. On my failure, this was what messed me up. On this day, Nick and I wandered through New York looking for this stuff. After a few miles walk we got some, only to realize a place on his block had it all along!

Mixing the arepa dough. The recipe is on the bag!

This is a fun dough to play with.

Skillet is nice and hot.

The arepa is sort of a latin american pulled pork sandwich. I wanted something crunchy on it to add texture other than the mush of the meats. I made this quick slaw kind of like the asian one I made here but instead of lots of sesames and sesame oil, I added apples. I wanted Jicama, but they didn’t have it at the store.

The table is set.

Fork split like an english muffin.


Sandra also came to the Arepa place with Trina and I that day. Thanks for taking us there!

The face stuffing shot, now standard on TFIMB.

As I said, you can get the ideas for the beans and meats and slaw elsewhere on the site.

The arepa recipe was on the package! There is also some great insight on the arepa process here. It’s all about getting the right arepa flour. You can buy Goya Masarepa, or Harina P.A.N.Whatever kind you get, It should say precocida on the package somewhere.