Two Dips

As our time winds down here in Bermuda, some of our friends are requesting their favorite dishes “one last time” before we go. On most occasions, I would say “go on my site and get the recipe!” But with certain foods, the recipe is only half the story. One example is pizza from our brick oven. They don’t all have brick ovens in their houses; in fact a pizza place here says that they have the only one on the island! (Should I sue them for false advertizing?) Another example is the cheesesteaks we made this past Sunday afternoon. The recipe from my site a while back is a great start, but you need a nice stovetop flatgrill, and the years of experience and love Mandi has from growing up in philly doesn’t hurt either! This post isn’t about the cheesesteaks though; we have been over that exhaustively already. Today is about the two dips I made to snack on as people were arriving.

This is a bunch of broccolini stems in the pot. (leftover from this recipe) They are salted and there is water at the bottom. Cover this and let the broccoli steam on medium high for about 20 minutes. I threw a carrot in here too.

There is that carrot! Roughly chop up a small garlic clove and toss it in the blender. Add a little olive oil.

Some yogurt to smooth the whole thing out.

Yum. If I had some spinach or arugula, I would have tossed a little in the blender, not for flavor, mainly to boost the green color a bit. I also wanted to squeeze in some lemon juice, but only had lime.  Lemon would be a bit better.  Other than that, this dip was pretty tasty.

Now on to an onion dip. I had never made anything like this before, but I did know that most I have had are too mayo-y and should me more onion-y

I loaded this up with the same amount of the cooked onions as there was mayo/sour cream base. Another secret I had was I put a pinch of asafoetida in the pot when I put the onions in. This is an Indian ingredient I have on hand that I feel enhances the flavor of caramelized onions ten fold! I talked about this spice a little bit in this post, but it is the one Mandi and I call Indian foot powder. It is a great secret ingredient to keep on hand!

Some paprika or chile powder will finish this dip off perfectly. Make this a day in advance because it tastes soo much better the second day. Mandi didn’t even like it the first day, but ate a ton of it the next day.

Just a few gratuitous shots of the cheesesteak action. That’s a lot of meat!

Yum! That’s a chicken one on the bottom right.

Mandi hard at work. Remember, the old cheesesteak posts are here, and here.

These dips are pretty quick and easy.

For the broccoli one:
A big handful or two of broccoli (or just stems if you recently used the tops for a recipe) steamed or blanched. Throw a carrot in there if you have one. Make sure you salt. Add to the blender with a clove of garlic and some olive oil. Blend. Add a big spoonful of yogurt and a squeeze of lemon. serve with potato chips or pita.

For the onion one:
Dice 3 medium onions to small dice. Cook in oil and butter with a pinch of optional asafoeitda. Meanwhile mix a cup of sour cream with a tablespoon of mayo and a few pinches of garlic powder and paprika and/or chile powder. When the onions are very caramelized (see picture above), add them to the sour cream mixture. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours but overnight is better. Serve with potato chips. We had extra so I spread it on some bread when I made a sandwich.  Awesome.