Fresh Pasta with Chicken and Broccolini

I haven’t made fresh pasta in awhile. Also have not made a Food Network recipe in a long time. This Giada De Laurentiis pasta dish is one of the first things Mandi and I ever made together. It was a good 4 years ago and for some reason in my parents’ kitchen. When we finished cooking, I said I liked the meal, but it wasn’t my favorite, mainly cause of the pine nuts. To Mandi, this meant I hated it and hate pine nuts and she has been teasing me about that ever since (she claims it is why we haven’t made the dish again in the past 4 years.) We were drawn to the recipe at that time because it was so easy to make with many shortcuts suggested by Giada. This time we made it all the way from scratch. Going from scratch really brought this dish to a new level, but don’t be afraid to go the simple way, it still tastes great, and is pretty quick for a weeknight.

Making the pasta. You can learn more about pasta making in my basics section.

Making chicken stock. A chicken, about 5 onions, head of garlic, celery, carrots, parsley, salt and pepper.

Every time we make pasta, we say “why don’t we do this more often?” once you have made it a few times, it becomes pretty easy and quick, and the taste is amazing.

We should have also cut these perpendicular once because the noodles were very very long.

We used broccolini cause we have trouble getting broccoli rabe in bermuda.

Just the tips today, we saved these stalks for later. You can see what we did with them later this week.

These blanched in the pasta water for 4 minutes before we cooked the noodles.

I told you these were really long!

The only changes we made to Giada’s recipe are that instead of starting with one can of chicken stock and reducing by half, we used 2 and a half cups of our home made stock and reduced it to about 1 and a half cups.

We made pasta instead of buying that refrigerated “fresh” pasta

We also did a rough chop on the pine nuts after toasting them.