Caprese Burger

I was sitting at a relative’s house in Rhode Island this past weekend enjoying the New England summer and (comparatively to Bermuda) low humidity. We were having a bit of a post wedding hang out and grill session, exchanging stories from the night before, All my cousins being sure not to take their sunglasses off. As the burgers were on the grill, I couldn’t stop staring at the basil plant behind it. My mouth was salivating for basil! I have a basil plant in my own yard, but for some reason when I see one I have the need to eat basil immediately. Of course I snuck over and grabbed a few leaves to put on my burger only to be called out 3 seconds later. I thought I had been sneaky! The burger was fantastic and I don’t know why I have never thought to put basil on one. This got me thinking, we already have a tomato, the addition of basil means I only need to switch the cheese to mozzarella and we have a caprese burger. A Hamburger Today in 2006 says caprese burger is a bad idea, but after making one, I disagree! The picture on that post looks awful, any burger that looked like that, caprese or not, would be gross! The key to this burger is nice fresh thick summer tomatoes.

Last min, I decided to go with a baguette for the bun to keep with the caprese theme.

Pretty small patties, but I hesitate to call anything a slider unless it is super small, like small enough to eat 9 of them.

Tomato slices almost as big as the burgers! Only slightly smaller to compensate for patty shrinkage.

The last of the bread off, cheese on, lid closed.

Mandi preferred open faced burgers, like a crostini.