Bermuda Restaurant Roundup

Today I wanted to do something a little different than usual. When I first started this blog I debated with myself about whether or not I should occasionally do restaurant reviews. In the end I decided that it was not a good idea because I am usually a pretty positive person and didn’t want to be trashing restaurants all the time. However, occasionally I get emails where TFiMB followers are traveling to Bermuda on work or vacation and they ask me for restaurant recommendations. So I thought that since I am leaving Bermuda next week, I should take this opportunity to address these questions. In this post I am going to talk about my favorite restaurants here on the Island and what I love about them. But first, just some general criticisms about the restaurant scene here…

Jack of all trades, master of none!
Just off the top of my head I can think of at least 3 or 4 restaurants in Bermuda where I could go and order breakfast, pizza and sushi AT THE SAME TIME. The Asian restaurants have Thai, Chinese, AND Japanese. One place we go has sushi, British, Indian, and Chinese. Who came up with these combinations?!? Pretty much every restaurant has sushi, steakhouses, Italian, Indian, even a few diners have sushi! I know that being able to order whatever you want at any given restaurant may sound like a dream come true to some… but really each place seems to spread itself so thin that none of it turns out all that great!

Beer on a Champagne budget
Food is very expensive in Bermuda. The reasons make sense really, everything needs to be either shipped in from other countries, or if it is grown here, it’s on teeny tiny farms that operate on very expensive real estate. Because of this, restaurant costs go way up. These jacked up prices for some reason cause most restaurants to think they are fine dining establishments, when in reality the quality of the food does not follow suit! One Italian restaurant we frequent for lunch employs servers who speak with thick Italian accents and act very pretentious. But the food is barely on par with the olive garden and when you get a glance at the kitchen the chefs are not even Italian! Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the olive garden. I just wish the front of house matched quality level

After all that, you would think the tip would suffer? Nope. Tip is included.

But complaining is why I DIDN’T want to start reviewing restaurants right? So here are the places I would suggest anyone to go to. All restaurants in Bermuda are very pricy, so when I say “expensive” in that bottom grouping that means it is REALLY expensive. Like 150 for 2 people. But hey you’re on vacation right?



Some of these places are offenders from the list above, but if you go at lunch there is less pressure for it to be perfect and it is generally cheaper.

Pickled Onion
Half tourist trap, half fun bar and decent food. Go at lunch and get lunch type food and you most likely will be satisfied. Giada De Laurentiis came here on weekend getaways and had our favorite server. We later asked the server if Giada was a nice person, and she replied “All the celebrities come to pickled onion. I meet all the celebrities.” She is not our favorite server anymore.

The pizzas are good here. The only place on the island with a wood fired brick oven (besides my backyard)

Lemon Tree
Sandwiches, but you would be surprised at the lack of a good sandwich on island. These are well balanced and delicious. Walk up to the counter and order, sit outside in the park. Come here on Friday night for a fun night out.

Hog Penny
British pub food. Pot pie, fish and chips, shepherds pie. Rachael Ray came here on 40 dollars a day.



hands down my favorite restaurant on the island. A lot of people think I am crazy for saying this. It isn’t the most authentic Thai anyone has ever had, but I just love the flavors they use. I have had almost everything off the menu and I like it all. The staff is friendly and nice. When I am there without Mandi they ask me where she is. When I get take out they ask why I am not eating there tonight, am I too busy at work? They know my favorite drink. One thing that I love is the food is consistent. This may seem weird to be a huge plus for me, but it is a hard thing to do in Bermuda. All the right ingredients aren’t always readily available, but silk makes do and always puts out awesome dishes.

House of India
A more recent find for Mandi and me, House of India quickly became a weekly obsession. The staff even helped me find authentic spices on the island. They have a great lunch buffet, but dinner is slightly better. The two people from India that I know on the island said this place does a lot of things right. Many dishes are more British Indian (which is delicious in its own way) but others are pretty authentic Indian.

East meets West
Another Indian place we go to for lunch cause it is close to our jobs. They have a full on restaurant in Southampton that I have never been to.



Like I said sushi is pretty readily available at almost every restaurant on the island. These are the places I like most.

Usually when I describe restaurants in Bermuda, I say “It’s pretty good, for Bermuda” Harbourfront is just a good restaurant. They have Japanese themed dishes and steak, but the best stuff to me is the sushi. They have happy hour prices until 6:30 on drinks and sushi. Best sushi on the island, would be the best restaurant if I didn’t have a soft spot for silk.

Located in what seems like a dungeon, Yashi has some great sushi. After you make it down the stairs and through the bar to the back room, you will find a cozy sushi bar in a neat atmosphere. Stick to simple rolls, because some of the specials are baked and I am not a fan. The quality of the fish here is supurb and I also love the seaweed salads.


Expensive steakhouses and fine dining:

Harry’s is brand new and also sort of hidden down a side street. The steaks and produce here are amazing because they are affiliated with the best grocery store on the island (also across the street from it.) I loved this place and am disappointed I can not try it again.

Seahorse Grill
This place is in the elbow beach resort. Sometimes the resorts can get away with having crappy food because they have a captive audience. Not this one! I have been twice and they were two of the best meals I have had on the island. Get all four courses.

This is the cheapest of these 3 expensive restaurants. Also a steakhouse, this place has a fantastic view of the harbour out huge windows.



Lots of people ask me about brunch, but it isn’t really my thing. I like to crack a few eggs at home and not put on real clothes, drive, and spend 40 or more dollars on a buffet. The only one I have been to recently is blu, and I did enjoy it, but as I said, not my thing. ( I did have pizza sushi, and breakfast at the same time, though, and that was cool)


Did I forget any?