Aloe Mango Lassi

Ever since reading this post on preparing aloe, I have been dying to try it!!! Fans of TFimB will know that anytime I can make food that is not from the grocery store, I jump at the chance! Wild bananas and banana leaves are a few examples of doing this in the past. I am leaving Bermuda very soon, so I knew the clock was ticking down on a chance to cook wild aloe. Finally this weekend provided the perfect chance hanging out cooking with Mandi and Amy.

Is anybody out there today? I just realized the US has the day off today so a lot of my workforce following won’t be checking the site today. But I am not posting on Monday, so you guys can look at this then! See ya next Tuesday!

The first step is to harvest the aloe! If you do not have an aloe plant in your yard, this can be tricky. Just make sure no one is watching and go for it!

These things are super slimy.

Also sort of hard to handle and peel. I first sliced off the spikes on each side. Next I went at the top rounded skin. After that, the flat skin was easy to remove and just like taking the skin off of a piece of fish!

Lime juice and a little sugar. Cook this on low for about 10 minutes.

After it cooked, I poured cold water in the pot and strained out the aloe. At this point, the aloe had a much better texture and a limy /almost cucumber flavor.

Yogert, mango, and aloe in the blender.

Top with ice and a splash of booze. We used this vanilla stuff we found in the cabinet.

This drink was way better than I expected. I was thinking it would be heavy and yogerty, but instead it was light and refreshing from all the ice, with a perfect mix of mango, aloe, and yogurt flavors. My only complaint would be not enough aloe flavor after all that effort messing with the aloe leaves. It is a fairly subtle flavor that is overpowered by the other stuff. You could still taste it, but it could have been stronger.

Aloe Mango Lassi
1 cup yogurt
1 mango
3 – 4 aloe leaves peeled and prepared this way.
Booze, rum or vodka would work, I used vanilla liquor.

Put it in a blender and whir it up! Makes 3 servings.