Pasta Salad Week Intro

Welcome to pasta salad week! A whole week you say? On just pasta salads? YES! I love pasta salad and I think it deserves it’s own week. Let me tell you why.

Pasta salad is the best thing to bring to a BBQ. It is a fact that almost every person who reads this blog will be going to a BBQ in the next two and a half months. (Except poor Marina in the southern hemisphere.) More than that, most of you will be going to a BBQ in the next two and a half WEEKS. Fact number 2, you will be asked to bring something, or because you read this blog and are a food lover, you will offer to bring something. Fact 3, you will make that stale old pasta salad you have been bringing to BBQ’s for years. Everyone will say how tasty it is even after all these years, you will forget your dish at your friends house and never see it again, and all will be right in the universe. Well I wanted to put pasta salad week out here to give you guys some options and help you try something new. Something that will really knock the socks off Aunt Susie at your fourth of July party. Everyone will love you and ask for the recipe. You will say it just came to you in a dream. That can be our little secret.

Lets talk a bit about pasta salad.
What is pasta salad? What is pasta salad NOT? Pasta salad is not a salad really, nor is it anywhere close to healthy (most of the time.) My pasta salads are generally a bit better for you than the average mayo soaked version, but not all of them, and not by much. I suppose pasta salad needs pasta in it. I sometimes use bulgur, quinoa, or other grains, but still call it a pasta salad. I don’t think I have ever made a rice salad in my life. Below is the pasta salad week menu that will be populated with links as the days go by. To get us started, I have some older pasta salads I have made. Two of these posts were linked in my summer grilling recipe round up from a few weeks back, but I wanted them on here too to make pasta salad week complete.

Today:            Intro and old pasta salad posts
Tuesday:        Old Standbys
Wednesday:   A Healthier Version
Thursday:       Leftover Pasta Salads
Friday:           Playing with colors and shapes



Bulgur Citrus Zucchini Salad


Steak, Arugula and Roasted Red Peppers with Penne


Black Bean, Avocado and Corn with Quinoa


Cous Cous with spinach tomatoes and feta




Come back tommorow for more of exciting pasta salad week!