Pasta Salad Week – Leftovers

Today’s post isn’t necessarily about the specific recipes listed; it is more about giving you the idea that anything can be a pasta salad. With the new theme on the website of frugally using up your leftovers, today I am presenting you with two different pasta salads made with only what was lying around in the fridge. Use these as inspiration for something to do with your leftovers! When making a pasta salad with leftovers, as a guide I try and check for 4 things; at least 3 colors besides the pasta, crunch, juiciness, and acidic bite. If you have all these things, your pasta salad is ready for the big time!


Pasta Salad Week Menu

Monday:       Intro and Old Pasta Salad Posts
Tuesday:      Old Standbys
Wednesday: A healthier Version
Today:          Leftover Pasta Salads
Friday:          Playing with Colors and Shapes



First up today, a pasta salad I made from leftover smoked short ribs.

The juice from these banana peppers is great for the acidic bite portion of the salad.


It needed more of the acid portion, so balsamic helped.

There is also some cheddar cheese and red onion in here.

Ok on to the next. This is a fun type of pasta

I know the other day I said that you should try putting hot pasta right into the dressings, but with this pasta salad I made form leftover taco ingredients, I did not think it was a smart choice. I thought it would be better for the tomatoes to not disintegrate, and the cilantro and lettuce to not wilt.

Yum. Mandi did some extra chopping when she made the tacos earlier.

Let’s call this fiesta pasta salad.

There is some lime juice squeezed in here too. And a little olive oil.

Wanna know a secret? I have this for lunch today. Awesome.

Some other neat ideas:
Italian sandwich leftovers(salami, prov, arugula, roasted red, banana peppers, oregano)
Turkey sandwich leftovers(turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, onions, mustard)
Curry leftovers? Nothing too thick, but I bet a nice thin thai curry would make an awesome pasta salad… hmm pasta salad week might run into next week!!!!!
Restaurant leftovers? Just dump em in. especially if it’s a salad already!

Things to watch out for
I like almost anything with pasta, but I have to warn you-
Corn does not go with pasta
Beans, only in soup do I like them with pasta
Avocado? Yuck. It works with quinoa though, but only if its really cold when you put it in.

Can you guys think of anything else that you don’t like with pasta? I can’t think of much, cause I like pasta with everything! What other leftover meals could we make into a pasta salad?