Pasta Salad Week – A Healthier Version

I decided to swap around some days in pasta salad week and show the healthier option today. As I said in the intro on Monday, the title “pasta salad” is a bit misleading because most of these are far from salads or healthy in any way. I wanted to have at least one healthy one up for you guys. I decided to make Tabouli (or Tabbouleh) because bulgur is much healthier than normal pasta. Cracked wheat you say? I say it is pretty much whole grain pasta. Don’t believe me? Check out this chart I made to prove it.

How’s it feel to be taken to school?  hmm does this really prove anything?  It better!  I just spent a half hour making it!

Ok so here is the bulgur wheat. To prepare it, I poured boiling water (2 parts water, 1 part bulgur) over it, added some salt, pepper and olive oil, and let it sit for an hour. There was a bit extra liquid after it was ready that I strained out.

The key to tabouli is to make it with more veggies and herbs than there are pieces of bulgur. You want the bulgur to be equal to the other ingredients, not overpowering them. That’s why there are so many tomatoes in this picture. TIP: Salt each ingredient separately and let them sit for 2 minutes before you mix them into the salad.

Lots of parsley…

…But just a little mint.

If you want it to be truly tabouli (he he), leave out the feta. I just like the way it tastes in here. Also if you leave it out I suppose this would be healthier.

Squeeze in a bit of lemon juice and you are done! Remember to taste and make sure it has enough salt, pepper, and juicyness. If not, add accordingly.

We took this to work for lunch 2 days in a row. On the second day, I wanted something different so I bought a pita and some olives and ate it like this (hence the awful camera-phone pic). It was amazing this way! Much tastier. It made me realize that this would be perfect for a picnic because it is very portable! 


Bulgur (cooked)
Lemon Juice
Salt and pepper


Two other healthy ones already mentioned in the intro post.
Bulgur Citrus Zucchini Salad
Black Bean Avocado and Corn with Quinoa


Also dont forget –

Pasta Salad Week Menu

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