Veggie Green Curry

I have made green curry paste a lot on the site. Soo much so, that I even have it as one of my basics posts. But I realized recently, I have always used the paste on pizza, on some veggie noodles, in soup, and as a marinade, but never actually on plain green curry! I made green curry with vegetables this past week because it was acceptable for the diet I have been talking about recently. Except I cheated and had a little bit of white rice instead of brown!!! SHHH don’t tell!

Our cauliflower is ginormous. I tried to leave it in the ground as long as possible, but it was getting a bit overgrown, and if I waited much longer, it was going to turn into this! I was waiting because Mandi is out of town, and the cauliflower plant is her baby.

Honestly, I am glad I waited this long anyway, because I think that the cauliflower looks way cooler in its overgrown state. The fractal nature of the cauliflower buds is more enhanced!

Freakishly overgrown cauliflower.

These were at the store listed as “Bermuda sweet potato.” To me, they tasted like a normal white potato. I wasn’t very happy with them. But they look cool!

Just a little bit of that cauliflower. I am trying to still save most of it for Mandi. I read that freshly grown cauliflower lasts a long time.

Yum. I haven’t had tofu in awhile.

The potatoes in first.

Then the other veg, followed by the paste

Get everything coated and cook 3 or so minutes before adding the coconut milk.

Don’t need much to make this look pretty, it is a naturally beautiful dish!

As always, you can grab the green curry paste recipe here.
After that, it’s easy! Veg in for a few, then paste, few more minutes. Add coconut milk. Simmer 10 minutes. Serve with rice and some fried tofu.