Vegetable Noodles

This is going to be the last post that is diet related for awhile. Overall it went pretty well. I did great the first week, but after skipping Friday and Saturday and having an amazing weekend, I kind of lost steam this week. I still did 10 times better than a normal week though, so all around good things. I feel much better than I did 2 weeks ago, and am excited for the coming weekend.

I have tomorrow off. Off work, off blog, off life in general. 3 of my oldest friends are flying in from Massachusetts to spend the weekend. Summer was creeping in for the past month, but tomorrow, it’s official. If you are looking for me tomorrow morning, I will be maintaining a 250 degree charcoal grill, just to make sure the pork falls right off the bone when my friends arrive.

Todays’s recipe is the opposite of that. I got the idea for today’s recipe while drunkenly talking to some vegans. I was kind of nervous, cause last time I was “drunkenly talking to some vegans”(yea, it happens sometimes), I didn’t like the reasoning for veganing and started to drift into jerk territory (“yea, I love vegetables too! Ya know what makes them better though, bacon fat.”) I felt really bad the next day, and didn’t want this to happen again. I like these vegans a lot, agree with their philosophy, and am even thinking of challenging myself to make them dinner soon.

We got to talking about lots of fun stuff I enjoy discussing that most omnivores are uninterested in. I asked them for some recipes since I was pretty much vegan for these 2 weeks. After a quick yogurt faux pas, I got this fun recipe for zucchini noodles in a sundried tomato pestoish sauce. I thought that zucchini was not yet in season in Bermuda, but trust me when I say that vegans know where the best veggies are.

I mean look at that thing! That thing is nice. Summer!

Start by making thin strips of everything. Think fettuccini. A mandoline helps. Or the slicer side of a really nice grater.

Some of these were too wide, so I trimmed them at the seed end. I liked having a thin strip of skin on each “noodle.” They were also very pretty.

This is how I cut the leeks

Gratuitus shot of my marjoram and oregano! Think I need to dry some cause we have a lot. This is going into my sauce. Both of them.

Gratuitus shot of my basil! Yea also in the sauce.

Ok, so I really thought this would benefit from some cream. In the spirit of the diet, I did like a half cup of milk instead. Sorry vegans. I ruined your recipe. I suppose you could sub some silken tofu or silk even if you wanted? Or omit. This is the herbs, milk, and like 4 sundried tomatoes in the blender. It looks kind of gross doesn’t it? At this point I was a little worried about the color of the final dish.

This stuff goes in first. You want them to cook a decent amount. They gave me this recipe as a raw meal so I guess I am ruining it for a lot of people today.

The zucchini doesn’t need that long.

YUCK. That sauce looks terrible.

looks like the colors turned out ok in the end.

This meal was very good! Honestly though, I think I would: make the leeks slightly bigger, and cook them alone a bit longer. Also leave out the carrots, or make them much smaller cuts to cook longer with the leeks. Extra zucchini to replace the missing carrots cause it was seriously soo good.

What? Oh. You want directions? Just slice up all that veg. use a knife on the asparagus and leeks, and a mandoline on the zucchini, and carrots(if you still are using them.)  After mandolineing, trim up the zucchini a little, and the carrots a lot. Add carrots and leeks to hot pan with olive oil and salt. Meanwhile whirr up some fresh herbs, sundried tomatoes, and milk(cream, yogurt, silk, tofu, would also work…Or nothing) in the blender with some salt and pepper. Add asparagus and zucchini to pan. Stir. Add some of the sauce. Mix around. Taste a zucchini and if it is good, shut off the heat and serve.