Pulled Pork Sandwich

Ok, so to catch you guys up from Monday: friends staying the weekend, making food for their arrival, baked beans, proud of recent original recipes despite these two I am ripping direct from other sites, but they are pretty perfect so why change them. Why don’t you guys just read the bean post? Jeeeez do I have to do everything around here? Last time on TFIMB, there was lots of bacon, Lassie got lost in the woods, Michael Scott started his own paper company, and Mr. Burns got shot.

So what to go better with pork filled baked beans than more pork? I have slow cooked a brisket on my charcoal grill before, so smoking a boston butt seemed like no big deal. I followed this plan and recipe pretty much exactly.

The rub.

This is what it looks like when I am trying to be artistic and it doesn’t work out. For better evidence of it working, you can always watch this stop motion movie with celery and carrots.

This goes into the fridge overnight.

The next day here I am soaking the woodchips.

After a night like this, the rub really sinks into the meat.

So on a coal grill, it’s fine to just put the damp woodchips direct on the coals. I thought that this wasn’t a good idea cause I had to maintain a temp between 225 and 300 for 6 hours. Dumping wet wood on the barely lit coals didn’t seem like the best move to accomplish this. After not getting a ton of smoke with this box method, I did end up switching after a half hour to the direct method.

The probe of the thermometer was dangling near the meat to give me an accurate temp reading.  There was MUCH more smoke later, but of course I failed to take a good picture of it.

Here is me beginning to make the bbq sauce when…

Suddenly my friends show up and whoops! I lose all picture taking focus.

Luckily I remembered to snap a few shots of the finished product.

Man o man.

I was happy with this small smoke ring since it was my first time and all. Small smoke ring > no smoke ring.

I call this one “the three fatties”.  It’s just like Picassos “the three musicians“, but with fatties instead of musicians… and pork instead of instruments.

That’s that BBQ sauce I said I was starting to make when everyone showed up.  Like everything else, the recipe is on that site.  This would be a great one for you to make this coming long weekend. Along with those easy beans from yesterday. And wow they both take the same exact amount of time!

Grab the recipe from this awesome website, The Paupered Chef.