Grilled Salsa

I have a short post today, because remember, you all have a job to do over at foodiefights! All of the dishes look great!

Today, as with last year, I have a accidental cinco de mayo post! I didn’t plan to do anything, but I happen to have made salsa on Friday and realized I could post it today. Now it isn’t usually my style to make and repost recipes that have recently been around on other blogs, but this just came around at the perfect time. Mandi and I have been perfecting our salsa slowly, and grilling the ingredients really put it over the edge into incredible! There are a few things we did differently than the original recipe. For one, we like both red and green salsa, but we find that we end up just using them both on the same chip or taco! Because of this, we just make salsa with tomatoes AND tomatillos. The second difference was that we grilled more of the ingredients than just the tomatillos. We got everything nice and charred up.

Mandi always has the wrong arm up! Or do I take pictures from the wrong side?

Salt, pepper, and olive oil on the tomatoes and tomatillos.

The tomatoes were large enough to handle on the grill, but everything else needed skewers.

Beautiful Caramelization

It’s good to blend each ingredient separately, so they maintain some texture and don’t all become puree.

How could you NOT post this recipe with a shot like THAT!

Ok, the onions and jalapenos can be blended together.

After it has cooled to room temperature, grate in raw garlic, and add some chopped cilantro and lime. Don’t grill the garlic, or cook it. I think raw garlic is one thing that makes salsa, salsa!

Grilled salsa-measured like a mixed drink for scalability
1 part onion
1 part tomatillos
½ part jalapeno (seed out as many as you want depending on your hotness preference. We left all the seeds)
2 parts tomatoes

Salt, pepper and oil everything. Skewer things that may fall through the grill. Grill all parts. Mix separately in a blender till mostly pureed, but some small chunks. Add them all to a bowl and put in the fridge till room temp. An hour or 2. Add to taste:

Lime juice
Grated garlic
More salt