Satay Skewers with Fried Noodles

Chicken Satay are the skewers you can get as an appetizer at Thai places. Knowing the flavors, we whipped up a quick sauce, marinated some chicken thigh pieces in it and threw them on the grill. It was far better than we ever expected it to be! The flavors were really fantastic. As a dipping sauce (cause satays always come with one) we decided to use tzatziki, a greek yogurt cucumber sauce because FUSION! The flavors went great together. We served it with quick fried noodles we made by buying everything in the store that seemed Asian that day.

Lemongrass is a key flavor in satay skewers. Fresh lemongrass is fun and tasty, but today we cheated a little with this jar. You actually get much more bang for your buck as that lame phrase goes.

Make a paste out of this. The peanuts are just from a jar of unsalted roasted peanuts.

Chicken thighs cut into chunks.

You need to squeeze the chunks onto a skewer to form a vague round chicken object.

The tzatziki to dip in. Just parsley, garlic, cucumber and onion in yogurt.

Onto the stir fry. We separated the stems and leaves of bok choy to put in at different times.

These mushrooms are the awesomeist. You don’t see mushrooms on the site very often, because Mandi and I aren’t the biggest mushroom fans. We are very picky and only like perfectly fresh mushrooms that aren’t your standard button or Portobello. I would say that these little asian mushrooms are easily both of our favorites.

Hmm… What do these remind me of??

Ginger garlic chile paste.

Chineese egg noodles.

Mix your sauce ahead of time so you aren’t fussing with bottles during the cooking. We used honey, rice vinegar, oyster sauce, sambol, and soy sauce.

Baby corns are a mystery to me. On the right is water chestnuts.

Order of dumping.

The satays are on the grill. I wanted to grill these outside, but was lazy and it was getting late.

Purple cabbage, carrots, bok choy stems, and onions.

You want to spread the ingredients from the center every time you put a new one in this way the new ingredient gets some time in the spotlight to fry alone.

Yum. Lookin’ good.

Sauce right after the noodles.

I would say we didn’t need the corns in here.

Greens go in as the heat comes off.  This is cilantro, green onions, and bok choy leaves.

The noodles were pretty much what you would expect. Kinda chow mein-y and yummy, but the real star of this meal was the chicken. It was unbelievably good. The one thing I maybe would have done differently is press the chicken on the skewers while they marinated to make the chicken denser on the stick and not fall apart when you bite it. Other than that, these skewers were fantastic.

Cut chicken thighs into smaller pieces.
Make a paste of: (Listed from more to less)
Add enough sesame oil to make it liquidy.
Some salt early to paste it, and some fish sauce a little later.

Mix the chicken with this paste and tightly place it on skewers.
Let it sit an hour.
Grill. Outside with high heat would be better than the indoor grill we used, but they were still great inside.

I feel that the stir fry is fairly self explanatory, but here are a few tips.
You can sub any of those ingredients for anything you want. We actually bought tofu and mung beans to put in and forgot them! Work fast. Have everything ready before you start. Concentrate ahead of time about the order you will be putting things into the pan. The sauce is less oyster sauce, more soy and rice vinegar, and a lot of sambol and siracha with a dab of honey. Make this ahead of time and TASTE it. Think about balancing the sweet, tart, sour and spicy as you taste it.