Grilled Fish and Artichoke Spring Salad

In the Spring and Summer months we eat a lot of quick, simple salads with grilled fish. I never really post them because they are so simple. But this time I added some beautiful, fresh Springtime artichokes and I think it graduated to website material. Is it warm enough yet where you are to make a nice grilled fish salad for dinner? The weather is slowly turning here and you can feel Summer coming.

Our arugula plant is looking beautiful. Can you hear the flowers talking to us?

Everybody is talkative today.

It isn’t often in Bermuda when I walk by something at the store and drop everything to change my meal plan. That’s because veggies are often damaged or not as fresh because of the boat ride they took to get here. This however was one of those moments.

I have to confess something. I have never cooked with a whole artichoke before!!!!! I wanted to tell you guys this fact, to show you how easy it is to use them! They seem intimidating, but are actually not all that bad. Well… remember when I said easy a minute ago, I guess they aren’t exactly EASY. But the payoff is amazing, especially in the spring when they are so fresh and wonderful.

Let the artichoke tell you were to eat and where not to eat. That middle purple part, and the furry stuff under there, do not eat that part! You will choke on it. How do you think the artichoke got its name??? DISCLAIMER: if you choke and die on an artichoke, you cannot sue me. Cause you will be dead.

At that point, I just sort of tooled it out. You can feel around and you will know the tough parts that should be removed. The best way is just to try! It was fun, but definitely a learning curve. The results were totally worth it!

Peeling some of the green off of the stem. You can use a veggie peeler for this part, but it has to be a really good one!

I cut the halves in half. Note that I also trimmed the tops.

Just rip out some of those middle purple leaves. Make sure there are no spikey things left on the other leaves.

Here I am trimming out the furry “choke”.

I used all the scraps and tough parts as a steamer bed. Add some water and place in the trimmed up artichokes. Turn on high and steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

We buy this fish (Wahoo) a lot because it is one of the only local ones at the grocery store so it is fresher and also much cheaper. Good thing it is also really tasty! It reminds me of a cross between swordfish and tuna. Yep, that good!

Fresh greens from the garden. Some of the nice arugula ready to go.

The fish and the artichokes each only need about 5 minutes a side.

This salad only needs a fresh squeeze of lemon, some balsamic, and olive oil. There is also some very thinly sliced red onions in here. Some cracked pepper too. That artichoke looks like its going to prom!