Bagel Chips

Just a short one today guys. You just made 12 bagels. Now your precious stock is on the verge of going stale! Now what?? Well remember those little paper bags at the store with yummy garlicy bagel chips in them? They are very easy to make!

That doesn’t look like the bagels you made?!? HA! You think I would have leftovers of those?? Nope!

Slice them into thin strips. If you want to be fancy, you can cut them the long way so they have a hole in the middle.

Fry about a minute on each side.

They will get a pretty dark color, but it isn’t burnt.

Yum. Do I say this on every post? I guess I eat well. Sprinkle these with garlic powder and salt when they come out of the oil.

These go great with Tzatziki. Hmm I think Tzatziki needs to be a “stubble” post.