Mandi and I sometimes like to play with our food. It’s these nights where we don’t really set out with a meal in mind, but rather some ideas to play with and a few hours to kill. The theme on this night was corn tortilla dough. We had just made some tortillas at Amy’s for the first time in a few months and it brought up all these new ideas in our heads we wanted to try out.

A big lineup of fruits and veggies.

This is for roasted salsa.

Garlic, cumin seeds and later, jalapenos into a paste.

That paste from before.

This is just store bought bbq sauce. Don’t use something generic, find a cooler brand you’ve never heard of, and read the ingredients!

YUM. Shredded bbq chicken is that easy. We put this off to the side for a bit, but ended up eating half of it before we even got to use it!

There were some really nice cherry tomatoes in the store that day. The tomato situation is really weird in Bermuda. There dosnt really seem to be a season, we will just have terrible tomatoes for a month and then randomly really nice local ones for a few weeks.

Mandi made the bruschetta-salsa for our first experiment. Tomato, basil, onion, garlic, and a splash of balsamic.

Here is the masa dough.

The first idea we had was like a sealed version of a quesadilla. For some reason we made this “Italian style” by adding pepperoni and provolone.

On the grill

This was really interesting. It was kind of Hot Pocket-esque. But in a good way, not in a gross over-processed not-actually-food sort of way.

Mandi made hers in more of a half moon shape. We decided to fry it and try to make a stuffed tortilla chip.

It ballooned up once it got in the oil.

Not what we were expecting, but tasty nonetheless. I think I am going to revisit this idea this weekend with a different approach.

Back to that roasted salsa. We took everything out except for the onions which we kept in the oven longer.

Now they are done. Put this in the food processor for a few pulses with cilantro and you have a tasty roasted salsa.

For the taquitos, you need to cook the tortillas like normal on the grill first.

Then roll them up with cheese and bbq chicken. A little salsa helps everything stick.

Fry ’em up!  It’s good to hold them closed with some tongs for the first minute.  Also, start with the seam side down.

So good!

I love how the chicken gets blackened on the outside…

But stays nice and soft on the inside! MMM crispy taquito goodness.

That’s it for today. No recipe for this stuff. The tortilla recipe is on the back of the Masa Harina bag, and the salsas and chicken were explained above!  I would link you to my guacamole basics, but it is still under construction!  MANDI!!!    Anyway, have a good weekend!