Pork Tacos

Are you all as excited for Daylight-Savings as I am? I love this time of year as the nights get a little lighter. It does suck, though, to have a 62 hour weekend rather than a precious 63 hour normal weekend. We should be allowed to leave work an hour early on Daylight-Savings Friday!  Who’s with me!?  Jan?  But would you have to make up that hour in the Fall?? My excitement for “Spring Forward” also has to do with the blog becoming a bit better. I think I do better on here in general when it isn’t Winter. For one, I get to have more natural light and not have to use that pesky flash all the time when I am taking pictures. More importantly though, there are more fun times with friends and BBQ’s and beach food that make cool posts.

Changing the subject, Amy was housesitting this past weekend and invited us over for a nice meal. She had just bought a tortilla press and wanted to try it out! Who am I to say no to a new gadget?

Some roasted tomatillos for a green salsa.

I generally like Amy’s brand products. If I am going to eat a frozen burrito or something like that, I usually look for that brand. These canned refried beans were the best canned refried beans I have ever had by far.

Roasted poblanos and cilantro in the food processor. If you need to know how to roast a pepper, you can find the steps here.

Everything going into the salsa was cooked. Here is onions and Serrano peppers with some oil in a pan.

Just a layer of refried black beans, layer of cheese, layer of normal refried beans, more cheese, oven. Maybe the cheese is why it tasted so good?

Amy (our friend, not the bean brand) got slightly firmer avocados for the salsa so they would stay chunky. It was a great idea cause this salsa was perfect.

Mandi making the dough for the tortillas. We just used the recipe from the masa harina bag.

This pork butt cooked about 5 hours, right Amy? Did you rub it with any spices?

A plaintain for some tostones. The three of us made these once awhile back, but with Amy’s new tortilla press we wanted to try again. That post was back when I used to not worry about going over 35 pictures per post. 60+ pictures, yikes!! But the pictures of the tostones are more pretty over there.

The press was great! Much easier than pressing them under a cutting board.

The key is to have one side of the grill hot, and one side warm. There is more info on this post.

Tostones on their first fry. Did you guys know that the word tostones means twice fried? I said that same sentence last time I made these… I feel like Rachael Ray!!! Did you guys also know that Oregano means joy of the mountain? And that John’s family likes garlic flavor but doesn’t like chunks of garlic in their food? YEA!

Amy is shredding the pork.

Mandi is pressing the tortillas.

Yum! I have had a lot of plantain lately!

The press also made this MUCH easier.

The second fry.

So I’ve had plantains like 7 ways lately, and I have to say that this way is hands down absolutely the best way to eat a plantain.

If it was already Daylight-Savings, this would be at dusk instead of darkness. Even still, eating under a palm tree ain’t so bad.  Did you guys know that oregano means joy of the mountain?

If you have never made your own tortillas, what are you waiting for?!??! Flour is harder to do, but corn is easy! It’s masa harina and water. Done. They taste sooo good. Make them tonight!

The salsa
Cook half an onion and 2 serrano peppers in a pan with a small amount of oil. Add to a food processor. Roast some tomatillos at 350 for a half hour. Add to food processor. Roast 2 poblanos like this. Add to food processor. Add salt and pepper and some cilantro. Pulse a few times. Dump in a bowl and add avocado chunks.