Broccoli soup

Just plain old boring broccoli soup? I don’t think so! I love broccoli soup but often when I set out to make it I end up putting all these other veggies in and it isn’t broccoli soup anymore. The other thing about broccoli soup is people usually blend it up. I do love that smooth soup texture but I also like a little bite in my soup. Here is what I consider to be the best broccoli soup I have ever had. I made it last night and brought leftovers to work today! I will probably end up eating it right after I post this because it was so good.

The first step to making the best broccoli soup ever is to trim off all those little broccoli florets. And I’m not talking normal sized florets here. We only want the tip top of the broccoli.

See what I mean? Really small pieces.

Some will break into little individual pieces.

While others will be slightly bigger, but still pretty tiny.

Get those stems in some stock and bring to a boil.

When they are very tender, add the whole mess to a blender. Be careful about blending the hot liquid because it will splatter. Use an immersion blender if you have one.

This is spinach puree leftover from yesterday. It helps give the soup a vibrant color. It’s just a bag of spinach put in a blender with some olive oil. Here I am pouring it onto some sautéing garlic, onions, and shallots. Give it a good amount of salt here.

After that, I put in my broc-stock and a cup of milk. Bring it to a near boil and slowly whisk in a cup or 2 of shredded cheddar.

When the cheese is all melted, add the broccoli flowers and more salt. Add some parmesan or pecorino if you have it.

Stir this around and check for seasonings. After only 4 minutes, check the broccoli. It should still have some bite left, but not taste raw. If it is ready, remove from heat and serve with pepper and olive oil.

Beautiful dark green.

I Love the contrast between the very cooked broccoli stems and the almost raw florets. This soup was perfect. It almost makes me sad that it’s getting warmer and Monday soup night will soon be no longer! Well, not really, it’s freezing today and the scooter ride to work will be a lot nicer in a few weeks.

2 medium heads of broccoli – cut and seperated into stocks and tiny florets (see pictures)
1 box chicken or vegetable stock
1 bag spinach – pureed with olive oil
2 cloves garlic diced
1 shallot diced
¼ of medium onion diced
1 – 2 cups of cheddar to your preference
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons parmesan or pecorino
pepper and olive oil to garnish

Boil broccoli stems in chicken or vegetable stock until tender. Put into blender of food processor and blend until smooth. In pot, cook salted onions and shallots for 5 minutes in olive oil. Add garlic and cook 2 more minutes. Add spinach puree and broc-stock. Add milk and salt. Bring to almost boil while stirring. Slowly whisk in cheese one handful at a time until incorporated in the soup. Add broccoli florets and cook 4 more minutes. Taste for seasonings and serve when broccoli is cooked to your liking. I like them to be slightly crunchy without the raw flavor.