The Magical Spiral Omelet

Thursday nights I watch a lot of TV. I love The Office and 30 Rock the most, but afterwords I usually flip to Ace of Cakes and see what they are making. Last night, each person at the bakery had to make their own shoe for a charity auction. As you would expect, Mandi really loved this. Towards the end of the show, the girls started getting really competitive about it, each claiming that their shoe was going to bring in the most money at auction. They started saying they would “throw each other under the bus” and laughing about it. “Do they really say that on a reality show?” Someone asked. Mary Smith replied “Yes, they say it on almost every episode.” This is what I love about the show. They are really all just hanging out making cakes and talking about the same things I talk about, but it is pretty subtle. A lot of times the editing cuts stuff that they aren’t really allowed to say, but if you pay attention you know exactly what they are talking about. In this case they were clearly talking about “Top Chef”, the only place in the world where “throwing someone under the bus” is a commonly used phrase. Food Network hates “Top Chef” and pretty much denies its existence, so they decided to chop up the scene leaving it confusing to the general public! It’s more fun this way though, because if you get it, you feel like you are an insider.

Ok, enough off topic rambling, here is the post! I have made a lot of omelets in my life. At different times, I have preferred different methods, but I think I have officially found the ultimate omelet! I can’t take credit for this, its Mandi’s creation. She really loves working on a flat grill and used to make omelets like this for herself when she worked at a college food court. The key to a perfect omelet to me has always been the contrast of the crisp browned outside, with the creamy, just barely cooked inside. With this omelet, you get many layers of crisp and soft. Its hard to describe, so lets go to the pictures!

There will be no recipe at the bottom, because this is a method. So pay attention! This is a 2 person omelet, so 5 eggs is perfect.

Just a tiny tiny splash of milk

There are a lot of pics in this animation, so I made a start button. Click it! Anyways, this is where it gets serious. Once the butter is on the grill you have to move fast. The key is to get all the toppings on while the top of the egg is still a little runny.  Also, make sure you start with salt and pepper. The egg will cook the rest of the way as you roll it up and will be perfectly cooked by the time you are eating it!

These pictures are from 3 different mornings. Mandi didn’t suddenly change clothes.

Keep it on for a minute if you need more brown.

Remember, this is for 2 people!

Look at that spiraly goodness!!!

This one is ham and cheese and parsley with some jack and cheddar.

This one is leftover pork belly risotto. Soo good!

This one is leftover taco. Yum.

Avocado with eggs is a great combo. If you have never had it, get on the bus! Not under it. (see what I did there? yea)