Plantain Hash

The Mole recipe from yesterday called for 1/3 of a plantain. Really? 1/3 of a plantain? Now what to do with the rest of it? Well as I was making the mole, I tasted one of the fried plantains and thought that it would go well in place of a potato in hash browns. So here we are the next morning, making just that.

Mandi mashed a quick avocado for our breakfast tacos. I’ve said this before, but if you aren’t eating avocado for breakfast, you’re making a huge mistake.

Leftover plantain from last night.

Corn tortillas are way better for breakfast taco purposes.

High heat all the way. We did the bacon first, then removed it along with some of the fat, but left a nice coating still on the pan. Add the plantains and onions at the same time and sauté for about 7 minutes. Make sure you salt them and add a lot of pepper too. Some cumin wouldn’t hurt. Paprika. Coriander. Whatever your soul tells you.

Bacon is back in the pan.

Making smooth creamy eggs like this is pretty easy. I have seen some more complex recipes around, but to me, just put the eggs and some butter and salt in a non stick on superlow heat and do not walk away. Continue to stir constantly until they become thick and creamy and are done cooking. Add some cheese or sour cream when they are just about done, or crème fresh if you wanna be fancy about it.

The tortillas need a minute of dry fry. Ask the hash to share some space. Potatoes probably wouldn’t have moved out of the way, but the plantain is a kinder, gentler ingredient.

Those chives and parsley went in here too.

Don’t overstuff or you will have trouble eating them.

That’s that salsa I also mentioned yesterday.

The hash was really interesting. It had the same texture as with potatoes, but it was a bit sweeter and added an almost tropical note to this meal.

We also had 2 leftover tamales, one for each of us. The tamale matched perfectly with this breakfast.