Roasted Red Pepper Garbanzo Bean Dip

Anytime you’re having a get-together dips can be a tasty, easy option. Most of the time they can be made in advance; and sometimes they get even better with a little time to sit. This dip’s original destiny was gonna be hummus; but when I went to the store the other day there was no tahini in stock. And since I’m pretty sure that you cant call something hummus without tahini… we’ll just call this a roasted red pepper garbanzo bean dip. This would be perfect to bring to a superbowl party or to celebrate an award you just won. That is if you hadn’t been snubbed and not even nominated for the award… hmmm bitter? Well regardless, make this for your superbowl party and you will please all your friends, meatheads and veggie-lovers alike! You will be safe wherever you bring it, cause all white people like hummus.

Always roast your own peppers. Always.

Also always rinse beans from a can.

Chickpeas have this weird skin on them. if you heat them up you can get the skins off easier. If you don’t remove these, it will mess with the texture of the dip.

Juice of 2 lemons.

Paprika, cumin, salt, pepper.

A lot of people like this on premade pita chips, but I think semi soft baked pitas with olive oil and salt are better. Just cut these up, add salt and olive oil and mix them all around. Put them in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes. They will still be mostly soft but some will have crisp edges.

The roasted red peppers.

If it is blending to tightly, add some of the liquid you heated up the chickpeas in.

Feta, Cilantro, and Paprika sprinkled on top.

This made a nice double quantity, so we used it for two get-togethers in a row! This night we were making a lamb shank pie with Gareth and Ella that you guys will see on here soon. The next day we were making muffulettas with Amy, Donna, and John.

Amy also made a shrimp remoulade for an appetizer the second day. I had never had it and it was really good! She toasted some bread rounds to eat it with. It is usually served with lettuce cups at restaurants.

Earlier when I wrote about being snubbed, I was just kidding. I am happy about where this blog is going and all my fans, and while a nomination would have been nice to give me more exposure, I don’t mind not being nominated when there are soo many great blogs out there. I really just wanted more people to come to the site! Although in truth i WAS pretty surprised to not be on the list seeing that TFiMB had the most public nominations up there! Thanks guys!

Anyway, the dip recipe is just 2 cans of chickpeas(drained and rinsed), juice of 2 lemons, 2 roasted red peppers, a clove of garlic, little bit of feta, salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika blended in the blender or food processor. Garnish with more feta, cilantro or parsley, and paprika.

The shrimp remoulade was Amy’s and here is what she has to say about it:

This was used as a guide. I upped the horseradish and hot sauce to 1 T each and the mustard to 2 T. Decreased the lemon juice to 4 T and added scallions.