Giardiniera and Muffuletta Loaf

I am at a loss sitting here trying to write the intro to part 1 of my Muffuletta post. This sandwich has such history and people from New Orleans are very passionate about it. Meanwhile here I am, basically a noob in the Muffuletta world trying to impart wisdom? A friend of ours here on the Island is from New Orleans and we have been talking about getting together to try our hand at making our own since we got here. Well since now Donna will be leaving in just a few days we finally decided last weekend that it was time to get to it. She oversaw the making of the sandwiches and at the end of the day gave the thumbs up. Which i think legitimized our sandwiches a bit! These were in fact authentic Muffulettas. Today I am going to show the giardiniera, an ingredient in the olive salad, and the cooking of the Muffuletta Loaf.

Mmm why do I love cauliflower so much?

Soo much salt!! This is a brining stage, you rinse it later.

Overnight in the fridge.

Rinse it all off the next day cause it’s crazy salty.

This went in the fridge for 2 days.  Now on to the loaf.

Nice frothy yeast and water.

You incorporate the shortening into the flour with your fingers.

Mmmmmmakes me want pizza.

We put our extra pizza-oven bricks into our oven when we bake bread.

Yum! Come back tomorrow to see the finished olive salad and sandwiches!

The bread recipe is here. We had a significantly shorter baking time so keep your eye on it.

Cut into semi large chunks:
A few carrots
Half a red bell pepper, half a green bell pepper
Head of cauliflower
Dice a hot pepper
Mix these in a large bowl and dump a ton of salt on them. Mix it all around then fill with water. Let sit overnight.
The next day rince the veg.
Add 2 cloves of garlic, diced really small or run through a microplane
Add oregano and a splash of olive oil.
Mix this all together then cover with vinegar
Let it sit for 2 days