Buffalo Wings

This is going to be a hard sell for a lot of people who live in cities where great wings can be had just about anywhere, but I am telling you, making buffalo wings yourself is a fun and delicious activity! It is also much cheaper than ordering them. Plus you know where the chicken came from(a farm instead of a factory perhaps?) Want to have a football party for the playoffs or Superbowl? Why not break these out and impress your friends with the fact that they are homemade. For me, it’s a bit more obvious why I make them. I can’t get a decent buffalo wing in Bermuda. I miss the days of 10 cent wings at John Brewers Tavern 5 minutes from Bentley. It isn’t a diss on Bermuda really, I have had some ok BBQ flavored wings here but I don’t think I have ever even seen the word buffalo on any menu. These pics are from a few weeks ago, before I went away for Christmas. Gareth and David came over for some wings and onion straws and we all pigged out on bar food!   — Side note, we broke 100 on facebook this morning!!!  Still not a member?  Click over on the upper left there to join!

Buttermilk, cayenne, and salt. In one bowl, put thinly sliced onions in this marinade, in another, put the chicken wings into it.

Go pretty thin on the onions. Think onion straws, not onion rings.

Buffalo sauce break. Soft butter mixed with cayenne sauce and a few splashes of tabasco. That’s all it is! I also put honey and some bbq sauce in mine to make it tangy/sweet, but it is really up to you. Mix the butter and cayenne sauce, taste it, and build on it from there.

You need these if you want a true wing night.

This is the dredging flour with salt, pepper, and cayenne in it.

Marinade to dredge to oil.

The dipping sauce for these is equal parts mayo, ketchup, and horseradish. Squirt of lemon will help it too.

Quick note about regular wings vs. boneless. Boneless wings have their place, I am not going to deny their existence, but if I am making buffalo wings at home, I want to only make bone-in wings. For one, they are way easier to make. The skin provides the crunch so you don’t need to make your own breading. Second, they are tastier, the bone and dark meat cause the chicken to be juicy and tender. The problem is every time I make wings some a-hole doesn’t want to get their hands dirty and is worried they are going to mess up their clothes. This is WING NIGHT people! Who are you trying to impress? Cause if it’s me, the way I am impressed is by you eating 45 wings, not by your clean face at the end of the night. I always comply though and end up breading chicken tenders and making a huge mess and hating cooking by the end of the night. I am decreeing at this moment that from henceforth, no boneless buffalo wing will ever pass through this kitchen on wing night! You Shall Not Pass! Unless you’re gonna end up on a pizza, then I will let you through. Above is the path of a boneless wing from marinade to mouth.

Now on to the good stuff! I was a bit upset after making all the boneless ones that I didn’t take much good pics of the bone-in (or “good”) wings. Damn you boneless! (Raises fist to sky) Anyway, pat these off nice and dry from the marinade. Put a very light sprinkle of flour on them and toss them in the oil! That’s it! Easy huh? Fry them for just about 10 minutes and they will be crispy and delicious.

I dip in blue cheese dressing. the crappy kind from the store is perfect. I make my own blue cheese dressing on occasion for salads and stuff and it tastes great, but for buffalo wings I think you need to buy it.

Buffalo Sauce
Mix soft butter, cayenne sauce, and tobasco. Optional ingredients: honey, bbq sauce, chili powder, cumin, cayenne powder, other hot sauces, mustard, curry, wasabi, sesame oil. I just made half those up but I kinda want to try them now.

Onion Straws
Thinly chop onions and place in buttermilk for an hour. Dredge in flour, salt, pepper and cayenne. Drop in 350 degree oil for 5 minutes.

Boneless Wings
You still want to make these? Really? Ok I will put the recipe but I am assuming you came here to make these to put in a sandwich or on a pizza cause that’s the only way they are acceptable.

Marinate chicken tenders in buttermilk, salt, and cayenne for a few hours. Remove and dry. Prep an egg wash and a flour drege (flour , salt, pepper, Cayenne). Dip tenders in egg, then in flour, then back to egg, then back to flour and fry in 350 degree oil for about 5 minutes. Place right in buffalo sauce for 1 minute, remove then serve.

Wings (the good kind)
Take some wings and marinate them in buttermilk, salt, and cayenne pepper for at least an hour. Dry them off really well. Coat with very light dusting of flour. Fry at 350 for about 10 minutes. Place directly in sauce for 1 minute. Remove and serve.