Pom-Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles are the non-bakers friend! Around this time of year when friends come over, there is almost the expectation of freshly baked cookies cooling on the windowsill. Well I am no baker, so what do I have to offer? Mandi loves chocolate truffles and they are super easy to make. Just make a quick ganache, (fancy word for chocolate and cream) roll it into balls, and cover with cocoa powder. Your friends will love them. Last minute, we decided to put a little surprise inside.

Here is the ganache. Just some cream and chocolate over a home made double boiler. More cream if you want it lighter and gooeyer, less if you want it darker and harder.

Salt is always a nice touch in chocolate. Just a pinch!

She used some dark, and some milk chocolate.

A splash of balsamic is nice in truffles as well. Giada taught us this. Anyways let this cool for a few hours till its hardened a bit. The pictures tell the rest.

Just cocoa powder.

These were supposed to be dessert, but were gone before the appetizer!!