“lasagna” soup

I have to admit I doubted my mom on this one. She sent me the recipe a few months ago and I just ignored it. When she said that she was cooking it for our annual tortellini making party, I was happy to finally try it even though I was still skeptical. Well it turned out to be really great! A simple and healthy soup you could easily whip up on a weekday. My only qualm is that the name is kind of arbitrary; it didn’t taste like lasagna to me. Maybe if you were to float a spoon of ricotta on top. MAYBE. She also used turkey sausage and whole wheat noodles to keep it healthy. These are two ingredients that I don’t always like, but tasted great in this application.

She said she doesn’t have a Mandi around to chop stuff, so she uses this thing.

some spinach and basil are the green.

Sausage removed from its casing.

Provalone in the bottom of the bowl adds a nice stringy cheese texture to the soup.

Add the spinach and basil at the last minute and turn off the heat.

The recipe says to cook the noodles in the soup, but with most soups we cook them separate.

Everyone enjoyed a break in tortellini making.

My grandfather came late, so he had to eat while we worked.

Come back tomorrow and see all the tortellini’s!

This is the recipe. The things my mom changes are whole wheat noodles, and turkey sausage. She also omits the mushrooms. I would add some ricotta.