Ice Luge?

In keeping with the college theme of our party this past Friday, we made an Ice Luge! Do you know what an Ice Luge is? I am ashamed to say that I do. It is a block of ice with a path (usually 2) running down it. You pour alcohol into the top and stand by at the bottom to receive the ice cold liquid. This Ice Luge is more of a gimmick. It still worked, but it was much smaller than what you would see at a frat party. I just wanted to have it as a joke and memory of college. The fact that it worked well and people used it during the night only made my efforts more worth it.

All I did was freeze water in my baking dish, then chisel into it.

The water froze with a big bump in the middle, but it’s ok because I am not going for prettiness here.

General path I was going for.

Finally took it out of the mold as the bottom warmed up a bit. Run it under warm water to speed this part up.

I screwed two screws into a piece of wood I had laying around. I then wet this wood and also made 2 small holes on the bottom of the ice. I shoved the ice onto the screws so it would stay put when I tilted it to take shots from. Then I put the whole thing in the freezer overnight so it would be fully attached.  I kept it in the freezer for most of the party and pulled it out a few times when people wanted to use it.

WOOOOOOOOOO!!! COLLEGE! Ahh the memories.