Huge Burgers

So you might be wondering what we could have possibly done with all those jello shots. We had a big party at our place this past Friday. The theme of the party was college, so the jello shots fit in well. Today and tommorows posts are also things from that party. I have been wanting to make a large burger for awhile. In this world dominated by mini cheeseburgers and sliders, a huge burger is my rebuttal. I recommend anyone to make this for a party. It was easier than making 5 normal sized burgers, and was somewhat of a showstopper when I unveiled it.

5 Pounds of meat. I knew I didn’t want to worry about cooking this thing to medium or anything other than fully cooked. Because of this, I knew I could add some pork. The pork would not only add flavor, but also help keep the burger tender and juicy. 2 of the beef packages are top round, and 2 are a generic “ground beef 95% lean” you can get whatever you want for this burger, but it is good to grab a few different varieties and not go too lean.

I don’t like putting egg in burgers because it starts to veer into the dreaded meatloaf territory, but I needed something to help bind this burger. I was worried that I would have trouble handling the meat on the grill and flopping such a large patty, so I thought the egg would help. In the end, only one egg in 5 pounds of meat thankfully did not really effect the flavor or texture.

I had to taste a small amount of this. I normally don’t bother, but I wanted to make sure it was ok because I was serving it to a bunch of people. Just fry up a little piece to taste for seasonings.

I cut out a paper towel so I would know the bun size.

Parchment paper would have been easier, but we didn’t have any.

Here you can see that the center of the burger is thinner than the outside. This is because they usually plump in the middle when cooking.

The burger was a little bigger than the paper, and the paper was a little bigger than the bun. The burger will shrink on the grill so it will be ok.

The 2 patties sat overnight in the fridge. This helped them marinate with the spices, but more importantly it firmed them up for easier handling on the grill.

Perfect fit!

Flipping a burger with a pizza peel!

Just kidding! I didn’t eat it like that.

The taste was pretty good, but next time I will make the patty a little thinner.

The 2 burgers were gone very quickly!