Ceviche Sushi

I’ve made sushi before, so if you need to know how to make the rice and roll it up properly, check out the older sushi double post. Today I just wanted to share with you all a few rolls I made that came out pretty good. One of them I think was pretty innovative and something I have never seen before. It came about because we didn’t have much selection of fish for our sushi. The salmon looked best, but when we opened it, it didn’t smell as fresh as it could have been. I threw some lime and orange onto it with onions and ceviche’d it and the resulting rolls tasted great!

This was jsut a veggie roll. blanched asparagus, carrot, and cuke.

The salmon with lime, orange and cilantro.

After a half hour it looked like this.

In a roll with some cilantro and onions from the ceviche process.

This is just some tempura scallops. These went with some of that yummy sauce we like to make that is half mayo and half siracha.

John looking bored, Cait looking hungry, my parents house looking messy.

Scallop, carrot, cuke, green onion.

These are the scallop with siracha.

As you can see, the ceviche ones came out looking beautiful. the ones on the left are the ones you saw me rolling before with onion and cilantro. the one on the right has some pineapple and green onion. yum.