Top Beard

Top Chef starts next week, and I am very excited! As with last season, I am going to pick a contestant that will be sponsored by TFIMB based solely on their facial hair! Last year, there were only 2 choices. Andrew was my final choice and turned out to go pretty far and be a favorite of mine the whole way. Will I be as lucky this year?

Alex, is that a beard or a 5 o’clock shadow? You’re gonna be on TV bro, clean yourself up.

Patrick hasn’t learned how to shave yet.

Hosea. Yikes.

Fabio. Good name, decent facial hair.

Danny. Plus 1 for the name. The beard is ok, but a little too groomed for my liking.

Richard. Now here is a formidable beard. I think we found ourselves a winner! Hopefully he isn’t eliminated in the first challenge so I don’t look foolish.

Honorable Mention

Carla. I don’t judge the ladies because they don’t have facial hair, but this fro is AWESOME…  Reminds me of a few people I know.

Here is a bonus picture of Amy, friend and sometimes contributor of TFIMB with everyone’s favorite top chef Tom!  If you want to see the contestants, they are here on the bravo site.  Check out the season premiere next Wednesday, November 12th!