Happy Thanksgiving

This morning instead of my regular post I just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all TFimB friends and fans. Today I am heading home for the holiday and won’t be updating the site for a week! I know you may be struggling with how you will deal with this absence but I will be coming back soon with some great holiday posts ready to go! But before I head off to the cold northeast I have a few points to note. First off, join my facebook group! I don’t have a facebook account personally because obviously I am way too super-cool to be bothered. But some people have been asking about it for the site and since I am a man of the people… voila facebook! The second point I wanted to mention was to let everyone know about the exciting changes that will be coming in the next few months. I am in the process of updating the whole backend of the site and hope to have it completed by our one-year anniversary in January. I will be updating things like sign-in, layout, as well as fixing the problems we’ve been having with comments. If you’ve had problems leaving comments… sorry! But please don’t give up! All will be fixed come January. I promise.

The third and final point for today is more of a question really. Who’s out there? I want to get to know you and you to get to know each other. So I thought, in keeping with the holiday spirit we could all share a little about ourselves. To my friends who check the website, maybe mention how you know me, where you work/live, or if you don’t wanna share personal stuff, share whatever! To those of you out there I don’t know, introduce yourself. Plug your website if you want. Basically tell me whatever you want! What’s your fave food? Who’s your favorite food celebrity? What Thanksgiving dish are you most pumped for this year?

Ok! I’m off. Only the coolest blogs take Thanksgiving off. like Gossip Girl… and me.

Until next week upper east siders