Halloween part 2

After work on Friday, we took the rest of our spiders and ghosts over to Amy’s for a party. Thursday we actually got together too to make some of the food. Amy made a few things, but Mandi and I’s main contribution was a pumpkin dip. I was trying something random and it didn’t come out all that good. It could have been a great thanksgiving side dish if tweaked a bit. I also think it had good dip potential if we had put more love and attention into it.

Here I am cutting the pumpkin after work on Thursday. I could have used one of those pumpkin carvers.

Seeds rinsed and coated with butter and salt to roast with the pumpkin.

I don’t know where chickpeas came from. Maybe it started as hummus in my head.

Some premade curry paste and coconut milk. You know I am always an advocate of making your own curry paste, but for a dip it isn’t really worth your time.


We saved this to serve it in. Put it in the fridge since it is cooked.

This needed a few minutes out of the pumpkin and back in the oven.. This is it after those few minutes.

Mashed in with the chickpeas and curry.

An ice hand in the freezer.

Butter and cream cheese for the baked cheese. Amy is there flour or anything else in here?

Bacon wrapped water chestnut wrapped dates.

This is the dipping sauce for the bacony goodness.

Making a coffin out of puff pastry.

The dip back in the pumpkin. I tried to add some sour cream the next day to make it smoother/more dippy/tangy, but it didn’t really help.

Somebody! Anybody!! Save this dip! It’s a good idea, and the flavors were headed somewhere, but they lost their way!

Eyeballs for punch.

Chocolate chip in a cherry in a lyeeche.

Will the real Snow White please stand up?

Meat dip in the coffin. The dip is just ground beef, onions, cream cheese, ketchup, tomato paste, and oregano. Another creation from Amy

Happy Halloween!