I don’t know what initially gave me this idea, but I was very excited to try it. I thought I came up with something pretty original. Bananas can mash just like avocados, so it seemed natural to me. Also, the existence of mango, pineapple, and other fruit salsas validated the combo in my head. I thought of putting it on fish, the way fruit salsas are often paired. Just like every seemingly original idea I have, google crushed this one. There is always some a-hole who has done your idea already. In this case, it was the couple at Ideas in Food. An awesome blog I read occasionally, but not too often cause it makes me feel insignificant. Their food is just that amazing. Anyways, try this recipe and you will like it. Your friends will be impressed by your forward thinking. I think it would rock on fish tacos (if Mandi ever lets me make them). Oh yea, and that side dish we made, it doesn’t really go with the fish. Cheese and fish are almost never a good match. We just made them together because we had the ingredients lying around. It was definitely very delicious, but would have gone better with a steak or something.

Mandi’s guacamole method is to cut the avocad… err… bananas into cubes. Then as you mix all the ingredients in one by one, the bananas break down and become mostly mashed with some chunks left.

Transferring love from hand to food.

This is after an onion and clove of garlic were put in. She added more salt than usual, and a few spices so that the bananas would stay on the savory side of the spectrum.

Meanwhile, here is the non-matching side dish I was talking about. Can you tell that that is cauliflower under there?

You can make this in one dish, but we went with individual sizes.

Any fish would work here really. This is wahoo. Fans of my site will recognize this Bermuda fish we use often.

Pretty tasty.

I thought this plate was fine, but Mandi wanted to class it up a bit

This was a really good healthy and easy weeknight meal. Just replace that cheese thing with something else.


Garlic – Grated on a microplane. This is one of the only times we grate or press garlic, in most recipes I think it messes with the garlic flavor but in guac it works.
Juice of one lemon.

Chop bananas and put in large bowl. Start with lemon juice and salt and pepper. Add other ingredients one by one stirring and tasting each time.