German Night

When I was in Boston 2 weeks ago, Kim hosted an Octoberfest dinner party at her house. It was a lot of fun and we made some really great stuff. We made pretzels again, spaetzle with caramelized onions and gruyere, and beef roulades. We had German beer and German cheeses to try as well. None of us are even close to German, so we can only hope that these foods were somewhat authentic, but what we do know is that they were delicious!

Chillin out, makin pretzels. You have seen us make pretzels before.

They were actually really fun at this party because everyone got in there and made their own. If you have played with play-doh, you can roll this dough.

We just melted some Velveeta with jalapeños. No fancy cheese sauce today because I messed it up last time.

These pretzels are so good. A great appetizer for German night. One batch made enough for everyone to have 2 pretzels. I could have eaten 10 more, but there was a dinner to cook and eat so it was perfect.

Mandi wanted me to show the “philly style” stretched pretzel

Ok, down to business. I sliced the flank steaks in half so they would be thinner and better for fillings.

At this time, everyone was at work prepping the fillings.

Salt and pepper first of course.

Mustard seemed weird to everyone, but it sort of melted away to give everything a wonderful brine flavor (I suppose this could be from the pickles too).

I actually didn’t see any recipes with potatoes, but it seemed obvious to us.

After we made a few of the more authentic ones, we started adding other stuff and taking things out. This is one for rich that substitutes mustard and pickles for cheese and extra bacon.

A good sear on the outside helps develop some flavor.

We then baked them in beef stock. Italians may be reminded of involtini or braciola (bra-jool)

At this point, we had almost 2 hours to relax. We had some cheese and beer. I have no idea what these cheeses were called. I can’t pronounce or remember their names.

Dough for the spaetzle

We were unsure what to make the spaetzle with. Kim and I each had our choices. This picture was followed by a brutal knife fight in the style of the video for “beat it” with our hands tied together to decide which tool we would use.

I let her win… you can’t knife a chick.

This cookie maker actually turned out to be great.

You could make a pretty big batch at one time.

When they float, they are done.

Get some nice brown edges on the spaetzle.

There are caramelized onions and gruyere.

I think Rich just got yelled at to get out of Mandi’s way. Or he is just real hungry and had to sit down. Or he is concerned about his bloody friends.

I was making fun of the sonic blade earlier in the night, but it really came in handy to cut this meat. It helped it not fall apart as much. Cut the beef at an angle so you go as against the grain as possible.

YUM! Thanks Kim and Missy for having us all over! It was a fun night. And delicious!

Spaetzle recipe.

Beef Roulades:

Slice flank steak in half the long way so it is thinner.
Salt and pepper, then add your choice of mustard, pickles, bacon, cheese, and potatoes.
Sear in hot pan on 4 sides. 1 minute a side until brown.
Bake half covered in beef stock at 325 for an hour and a half to 2 hours
Let rest 10 minutes. Cut diagonal against the grain. Serve.