After we made the German roulades, I couldn’t stop thinking about braciole. Pronounced bra-jool, it is an Italian-American dish consisting of parsley, garlic, and breadcrumbs stuffed in thinly sliced beef, commonly served with pasta and sauce. There are many different ideas on what meat and fillings to use. I think I went with a fairly basic one. People who know what this is seem to love it, and for good reason. My mom made this occasionally and people went crazy for it. Apparently there is an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where braciole is part of the main plot and the guys on the show speak very highly of it. In Italy, there is a similar dish called involtini that would also be cooked in the sauce like braciole, but would be served as a second course after the pasta. Luckily we are not in Italy, because I like mixing them.

Rich gave us some really cool paintings back in july. We just got them hung up this past weekend. Click them to see a closer view.

We also put up this makeshift veggie and fruit holder.

I sliced the flank steak just like on German night. This time I did not go all the way through, but rather left a seam at the end. This is called butterflying the steak.

I also pounded it a bit better than we did last time. Notice the grain of the steak is going perpendicular to me. Another difference from last time. This way I do not have to slice them at a 45 degree angle later on.

I added some sausage in here, just for fun.

Salt and pepper on the meat, then sausage, garlic, parsley, and parmesan.

Then breadcrumbs and roll it up!

We used some metal skewers to secure it. I would rather use string, but they didn’t have any at the store.

Sear it on as many sides as you can.

Then put it into your sauce. What you didn’t make sauce?! I need to tell you everything?!

Whoops! That doesn’t fit in there.

Plan B.

300 degrees for 3 hours. Slow and low, that is the tempo.

We flipped it half way and made sure there was plenty of sauce on top.

Amy made a few veggie sides. What’s in here Amy? Comment it.

Don’t let people scare you or think they are cool saying haricot vert(hair-co-vair). It’s just French for green beans. If you want to be technical about it, they are a little thinner and have a more subtle flavor.

We made some meatballs too. It was a feast! Do you remember how to make meatballs?

Amy dumping that unidentified sauce from earlier onto the broccoli.

As you can see, it smelled really good.

Speaking of smelled good.

Which picture do you guys think looks better, mine or this one?

Pasta cooked to the teeth and mixed with the baking liquid from the braciole.

It’s like family dinner. COME N’ GET IT!!!!!!!!

Sauce is here(but less meat in it), Meatballs are here, the braciole is pretty self explanatory. Butterflied flank steak, parsley, breadcrumbs, garlic, Parmesan, sausage, roll, bake, eat.