Sushi Extravaganza: Part 2

I want to talk more about the raw fish thing today. If you didn’t see part 1, its here. Anyways, you would think in Bermuda that fresh fish would be plentiful, but in reality you only have 2 options. The grocery stores where most stuff is flown in and/or frozen and thawed, or from a dude on the side of the road with a cooler. The problem with the side of the road guys, is that they aren’t there every day. It seems to me that every time I feel like eating fish I don’t see them in their normal places. When I have other dinner plans, I pass 4 or 5 guys on the way home from work. The other problem with these fish guys is that I have personally heard from a source close to one of these guys that they occasionally fly in fish and pass them off as their own! So it isn’t fully trustable. Today we are using raw tuna and raw salmon. The tuna is flash frozen to a certain degree that kills bacteria. It isn’t as nice as fresh fish, but I can trust it. The salmon is fresh and local from the gourmet store here (a rare occurrence) that posts what is flown in and what is local. The fish dudes there are friendly with me and very honest about the day things are caught so I trust that as well. The purpose of this previous paragraph is really just to say trust where you get your fish! I have friends that often make sushi and have never had a problem, but don’t take the decision lightly, have a trusted source.

Today I am going to try and be a bit quieter and let the pictures speak for themselves. (since there is a bunch)

Tempura avocado, some extra tempura flakes, cucumber, and a little siracha.. our take on a California roll.

Mandi rolled this one.

Amy’s turn. She loves the salmon skin rolls when we go out for sushi. I however don’t. I try it everytime, but I still don’t like it. This salmon skin however was prepared really nicely and tasted like a salmon potato chip!

Some strange pickled radish she found in the Pilipino section of the store.

Remember to loosen the nori on the stovetop.

Salmon, salmon skin, avocado, pickled radish, cilantro, scallions, and some asian chile spice.

All rolled up and deep fried! In that same tempura batter from yesterday.

I love how the rice takes on a different texture when fried like this.

Raw diced garlic gives the spicy tuna an extra kick.

so does siracha.

This is an inside out roll, so you need to take a different approach. First roll the fish in a smaller piece of nori.

put plastic wrap over the bamboo roller.

a little sesame seed helps it not stick and also makes it look nice… but what does a sesame seed grow into? I don’t know, we never give them a chance…

for the last roll, we decided to rip off our favorite roll on the island. It is called togarachi from the restaurant harbourfront. It starts with a plain spicy tuna roll. Theirs is inside out, but we just did that so whatever.

You need lots of tempura flakes for this. Just drip the batter into the hot oil.

The sauce on this roll is half mayo, half siracha. My sophisticated palate was able to discern this top secret recipe. Try this please. Even if you aren’t the biggest mayo fan. Cause its fantastic.

Drip Drip Drip.

the tempura bits and some more tuna into the togarochi sauce. The tempura keeps this mixture nice and crunchy.

sooo gooood.

Dicicco and Amy who commented yesterday. What sort of cool rolls do you make? Are you going to try any of these ideas? Also, Amy, would you mind adding an initial or mark to your name? My good friend Amy who comments a bunch on here sort of has rights to the name! 😉