Sushi Extravaganza: Part 1

I sort of wanted to make sushi for awhile, but hesitated for 2 main reasons. For one, I thought it would be kinda hard and not really turn out as good as it is in restaurants. The second reason was that I was worried about raw fish at home. I have cooked with “sushi grade tuna” before and I seared it, so I knew that stuff was pretty good but for some reason I still had reservations. Finally the opportunity came along and I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. It wasn’t all that hard to do, and the taste was amazing. Far better then most places on the island. One way to judge how much we liked it was that normally at a restaurant we drench the rolls in soy sauce and wasabi. I found myself barely dipping these rolls into the sauce because the taste alone was just so great. Today I am going to show you the set-up, and the first roll. Tomorrow will be the 4 other awesome rolls we made!

The first roll we made was based on something I had at fugaku in boston. The Pine-Tato.

When making sushi, you have to cut everything long and thin (Julienne) to fit in the middle of the roll.

Why does asian rice come in such large bags here? Cook the rice like any other rice on the stovetop or in a rice cooker. The part that makes it sushi rice comes after the cooking part.

While the rice cooked, we did a few things. First was a sake bomb.

Ever have a sake bomb? Line up the cups like this. Sake in the top, beer in the bottom. Then bang on the table and when the shot falls in, drink it fast!

The next thing we did was make the tempura batter cause what’s sushi without tempura? The key to tempura is keeping it cold and not mixing it around too much.

To the ice, I added an egg and a cup of water and mixed. Then I added a cup of flour and only mixed a little. You need to stop before it is completely smooth.

We also made miso. Well… we didn’t make miso. We made it from a package. But the package actually tasted pretty good. We just added fresh scallions and tofu.

This is where the rice becomes sushi rice. In here is 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 2 teaspoons of salt.

Put the cooked rice in here and mix it constantly while fanning it. We used our pizza peel to fan it. Do this until it is almost room temperature.

These were first blanched for about 10 minutes. Then they were dipped in tempura and fried for 2 minutes.

Hold the nori over the heat for about 10 seconds and it will loosen right up. Don’t hold it for too long or it will crisp back up.

Yum. Sweet potato tempura and pineapple. The Pine-Tato.

Sharp knives are important here.

I swear this is the first piece of sushi I have ever rolled. It’s that easy! And we only got better with each try!

The rice recipe is here. Use a Teaspoon instead of a tablespoon for the salt. The filings are your choice. Click here to see all the cool rolls we made the next day! (including actual raw fish)